Undecided Students

Welcome to our SUNY CCC community!

The Career & Transfer Services team is here to provide guidance and support. We'll help you identify an area of study and future career pursuits that fit your needs. Your success is our priority!

We can help you explore your interests and strengths, reflect on prior work experience, identify career options, consider life priorities and location preferences that impact your career options, and explore the job markets in fields of interest.

It's a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together!


Unsure of what degree to pursue?

SUNY CCC's admission application has an Undecided/Undeclared option for you.  If you select this option, our Career & Transfer Services office will reach out to you to offer our services.

AAS Degrees at SUNY CCC
AAS degrees are primarily designed to prepare students to join the workforce after completing the AAS degree at SUNY CCC. Select the "undecided/unsure" option when choosing your area of study on the SUNY CCC application. Career & Transfer Services will talk with you about the next steps to help get you in a program of interest and the right classes.

AA and AS Degrees at SUNY CCC
AA and AS degrees are primarily designed to prepare students for transfer to earn a bachelor's degree. If you are undecided, but know you plan to earn a bachelor's degree, the following programs are well-rounded options:

  • Interested in Astronomy, Science, Physics, Mathematics, Medicine, Scientific Research or math/science education?
    Select Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Science A.S. 
  • Interested in Communications, English, Government, History, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Theater? 
    Select Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences A.S. 


Undeclared/Undecided Student Process at SUNY Corning Community College 

1) APPLY NOW to SUNY Corning Community College.

2) If you indicated on your application to SUNY CCC that you are undecided, you will receive an email from the Career & Transfer Team with instructions to complete the Focus2 Interest Inventory. If you did not select Undecided/Undeclared, but are interested in exploring career and academic pathways, please email careers@corning-cc.edu.

  • Focus2 guides users through a reliable, intuitive career and education decision-making model to help them  select a major, explore occupations, make informed career decisions, and take action in their career development. While completing the Focus2 is not required, it is recommend to complete this prior to meeting with Career & Transfer Services.

3) Your next step is to schedule a meeting with the Career & Transfer Services Team to discuss what you hope to accomplish while at SUNY CCC and review your Focus2 results. We will work with you to select a degree program that keeps your options open if you remain unsure after completing the Focus2 and other career exploration tools. It is very important that you let your advisor know that you are still undecided or unsure about your pathway. We understand your pathway may change as you work more with your academic advisor. They will also be able to assist you moving forward!

  • A meeting with Career and Transfer Services can take place in-person, over the telephone, or via video conference.

4) Students are encouraged to take advantage of all the services offered by SUNY Corning Community College to explore academic programs and careers! These include, but are not limited to:

  • On-campus career presentations from local employers and experts
  • Job shadowing
  • Enrolling in Career Planning courses, such as:
    • CRPL 1010: Career Directions
      Students will explore careers through self-analysis and consideration of the job outlook. Career and college planning will be conducted through self-assessing interests, values and skills as well as defining short and long-range career goals. Includes FOCUS career assessment, career research and informational interviewing. Credits: 1.
  • Career development workshops provided by the Career & Transfer office
  • Speaking with faculty in your field of interest

Remember, the Career & Transfer Services team and the Enrollment Advisement Center (EAC) team are always available to meet with you throughout your journey here at SUNY Corning Community College!

Contact Information
Career & Transfer Services
607-962-9256 and 607-962-9367
Location: Commons Building, M210