Financial Aid

**Important Financial Aid News**

1.  Fall 2020 Census Announcement!

Students, you have until September 6, 2020 to establish your enrollment status for financial aid purposes.

Financial aid awards are paid based on the number of hours you are registered in and that apply to your program of study as of September 6, 2020.

Be sure you are enrolled in courses required by your program of study (courses that are not required by your program of study do not count for financial aid purposes).

  • Are you enrolled in the correct number of hours? You need:
    12 or more hours to be a full-time student
    9 - 11.5 hours to be a three-quarter time student
    6 - 8.5 hours to be a half-time student

If you add coursework after September 6th , your financial aid awards may not increase but your tuition costs could increase. If you fail to attend courses and they are dropped, your aid will be decreased accordingly. If you have questions, please contact the Educational Planning Center at (607) 962-9875, or stop by

2.  File your FAFSA for the 2020-2021 academic year IMMEDIATELY.  Completing your financial aid application now will create delays in the financial aid process.  Cut down on these delays by completing all requirements now.

3.  If you are a New York State student, please make sure you have applied for the TAP Grant.  If you missed  the link at the end of the FAFSA application, please complete on HESC ASAP!

  • Do you need to speak to someone at HESC?  They are now taking 1 on 1 appointments through their new online appointment scheduler Monday through Friday 9AM-4:30PM.  Schedule an appointment here: HESC Online Appointment Scheduler.  
  • Additional important information was sent out via email from HESC.  Please take a couple of minutes to read it now.

4.  Always be sure to monitor your CCC emails for notifications and next steps.

5.  CARES Act Funding- SUNY Corning Community College has received $968,724 from the Department of      Education pursuant to the Certification and Agreement [for] Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students. Emails have been sent to eligible students which contain a direct link to the application.

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FINANCIAL AID APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE  Schedule an individual appointment that works best for you!  After you select the time for your appointment, you will receive an email from the FInancial Aid Office.  The email will give you a google meet invitation that you can either join by video or telephone.  If none of the times listed work for you, please email
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