Marketing & Communications

Marketing, Communications and Public Relations at SUNY Corning Community College

CCC Marketing curates, creates and publishes marketing, advertising and communications in many forms and in many media.

Design, write, edit web content on

Social Media
Design, write, curate content on CCC's social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Create, or help create, print media, such as posters, stickers, flyers, signs, banners, swag, brochures, booklets, interactive PDF/HTML documents

Research, curate and produce photos and videos for use in CCC marketing and communications


Create and produce CCC advertising that appears on TV, radio, search media, paid social, billboards, signage, streaming video


Research and write news stories, alumni stories, declarations, announcements and events and publish on College website and via media statements to the press

SUNY Corning Community College - Marketing Department

Don Sherman, Director of Marketing and Public Relations