Workforce Education Online Courses

Looking for a quick class to update your skill or enhance your resume?  Or, perhaps you want a complete career overhaul and change. With more than 800 online offerings, we are certain we can get you there. 

Need a course to round out your resume?  Or, would you like to expand your knowledge in your newest interest?  In as few as 7 hours you can prep for an ASE Technician Test; or spend 24 hours building a skill in Quickbooks to add to your resume. 

Regardless of your short-term interest or goal - we have a lot to offer in the following areas:

  • Accounting and Finance 
  • Business
  • College Readiness 
  • Computer Applications 
  • Design and Communication 
  • Healthcare and Medical 
  • Language and Arts 
  • Law and Legal
  • Personal Development
  • Teaching and Education 
  • Technology
  • Writing and Publishing 

Explore our skill-building and special interest course offerings here:

But, if you have bigger plans in mind, consider that you can learn Graphic Design with Photoshop in 9 months (200-course hours) or do a CompTIA A+ Certification Training (with voucher to do certification testing) in 6 months (290 course hours).  

If you have a topic area in mind, start your career training exploration process here:

Some of the most highly sought options in New York State include:

Then again, the possibilities are practically endless…. Explore our catalog(s) full of options here!