Voter Registration

How do I register to Vote?

SUNY Corning Community College has 3 locations where you can pick up a voter registration form:

  • Spencer Hill Campus - Office of Public Safety, Lower Level Commons
  • Spencer Hill Campus - Student Life, Commons 202
  • Academic & Workforce Development Center at Elmira - Office of Public Safety, ELM024

Students can also register online to vote in NYS through the Department of Motor Vehicles. You need your most recent NYS DMV-issued driver's license, permit, or Non-Driver ID, the ZIP code currently on record with the DMV, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Register to Vote Online Here!

Alternatively, you must complete and submit a voter registration form (English) or a voter registration form (Spanish), and submit it to the County Board of Elections where you plan to vote. Below are the addresses for our 3 counties of Board of Elections:

Chemung County:

378 So. Main Street
PO Box 588
Elmira, NY 

Phone: 607-737-5475
Fax: 607-737-5499

Schuyler County:

County Office Building
105 9th Street, Unit 13
Watkins Glen, NY 14891-9972

Phone: 607-535-8195
Fax: 607-535-8364

Steuben County:

3 E. Pulteney Square
Bath, NY 14810

Phone: 607-664-2260
Fax: 607-664-2376




To register online, by mail (post-marked), or in person: October 9

Change of address: October 14, if you are from outside of the Corning area and have been living in Corning for the last 30 or more days you can register or change your address to vote in Corning. Contact the county board of election to change your address

Absentee Ballot Request: October 27 by mail or November 2 in person at the county board of elections, must be postmarked by November 3

Early Voting: October 24-November 1, there is at least one polling location for each county for early voting. To look up your polling location by county click here

Where do I find an absentee ballot?

If you are registered to vote at your permanent address and wish to request an absentee ballot to vote in your permanent home address's district in New York, you can download (English) or download (Spanish).

On June 7, 2020, the Governor signed into law a bill amending various provisions of the Election Law, which aim to increase voter participation during the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing qualified voters to request absentee ballots through a variety of options, including mail, electronic mail, electronic transmittal service, or web portal established by the state, city, or county board of elections.

Requesting an Absentee Ballot Under Election Law 8-400(2)(d):

  • All qualified voters eligible to receive an absentee ballot will receive such ballot upon
    written request to the board of elections.
  • In addition to the existing means of submitting an absentee ballot requests (either through
    mail or fax), this bill adds the ability of a voter to submit an electronic application
    submitted through e-mail, or a web portal established by the state, city, or county board
    of elections.
  • This bill also removes the requirement that absentee ballot requests must be signed by the
  • Note that this portion of this bill took effect on June 30, 2020, and will expire on
    December 31, 2020 (thereby applying to the November General Election).

Deadline for Receipt (Election Law Section 8-412(1)):

  • This bill extends the last date that all absentee ballots received via mail must show a
    United States Postal Service or a foreign postal service cancellation mark from the day
    before the election to the day of the election in order to be counted.
  • The bill applies similar extensions to federal write-in absentee ballots (9-209), military
    ballots (10-114), special presidential voters (11-110), and special federal ballots (11-212),
  • This portion of the bill took effect on June 7, 2020, and will expire on December 31,

What if I live in a state other than New York?

Please visit the National Voter Registration Form.

How do I check my current registration status?

Don't know where you're registered to vote? Or if you're registered at all? You can use NYSVoter to check your registration status if you are a NYS Resident. Or you can use to find the local election office site in your home state.

It is best to check your registration as soon as possible in order to ensure you can vote on Election Day.

How do I find the address for my home county Board of Elections?

Where do I get a Voter Registration Form?

Voter registration forms are in the Student Life Office and the Offices of Public Safety at Spencer Hill and the Workforce & Academic Development Center at Elmira.

Forms are also available online.

Do I register to vote in Corning or in my hometown?

The place where you vote will be determined by the most recent voter registration form filed with the board of elections. You have a right to vote either at home or in Corning (only one location). You will need to decide the most appropriate place. Voting at home may be your preference if you and/or your family have an interest in voting for candidates that represent your home town.

How do I volunteer as an Election Inspector?

Each county in our area has a separate page to volunteer:

Chemung County
Steuben County
All other New York Counties

What if I have more questions?

Each state has information about their specific regulations. Below you can visit for New York and Pennsylvania.

New York Residents
Pennsylvania Residents

Jennifer Sellers, Coordinator of Applied Learning, is responsible for voter registration assistance at SUNY CCC. 

(607) 962-9479