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Family. Community. Individualism. When someone goes to college, they bring their family and community with them. Earning a college degree is a great benefit for an individual but it is terrific benefit for the individual's family and community as well. Why? Because when someone can earn a degree and then enter the workforce with skills and knowledge, they can success professionally and financially and that helps not only the individual, but the family and the community as well. Going to college is a group effort. It takes a lot of support, a lot of help, and a lot of determination from the student, their family and community. At Corning Community College, we believe in community, we believe in support and we will work with you every step of the way to navigate the mysteries of financial aid, the array of programs and courses and guide you on your way to a 4-year college, the workplace or whatever future you choose. We believe in community so much, in fact, it's our middle name!

At SUNY Corning, we strive to provide your student with everything they need to succeed, be well, and enjoy their time on campus. This is an exciting time for them — and for you — as we welcome all parents, guardians, friends and family into the SUNY Corning community. Come join us!

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Community — it's our middle name!

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Top 6 reasons why your student should attend SUNY Corning

1. Programs needed to succeed

2. Caring faculty and staff

3. Academic support and applied learning opportunities

4. Affordable

5. Convenient

6. Start Here, then Transfer to Earn a Bachelor's or Beyond!

How to support your student at SUNY Corning

1. Know that students are expected to spend 2x the amount of time in class on out-of-class assignments (reading, researching, projects, essays).

2. Time management is one of the most challenging aspects of the transition from high school to college.

3. Students are expected to keep up with College information.

4. The student will need to regularly check their College email to keep up on information and process deadlines. 

5. The student will need to regularly check the Learning Management System (Brightspace) for College and course information. 

FERPA: Can the College share information about the student’s educational record with a parent?