At SUNY Corning Community College, sustainability is part of our DNA. 

From the environmentally sensitive landscape, to innovative building design, and in the classroom, the drive for sustainability inspires our campus community. Along the edges of campus, low mow/no mow areas increase biodiversity of plants, insects, and birds and reduce our fossil fuel use. The natural landscape fades into the College’s 250 acres of Spencer Crest Nature and Research Center. Two buildings boast green roofs – a lush blanket of moss and small flowering plants. These roofs cool the buildings and help to keep maintenance low. 

jennifer sellersSmart lighting sensors enable us to leverage natural light in our buildings. 

These sensors automatically turn off artificial lighting whenever possible. With our community partner, Siemens, we will introduce additional technology to upgrade lighting and incorporate state of the art heating systems, further reducing our ecological footprint.

In the classroom, students explore the Triple Bottom Line of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Investigating our relationship with the environment reveals behaviors that we all can recognize and change. These changes accumulate in a more sustainably minded community that stretches beyond are campus borders.

At SUNY Corning Community College, we don’t just talk about sustainability; we embed it in all that we do.

Jennifer Sellers

Director of Innovative Learning Sites



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