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Sample Careers
CNC Programmer What you'll do: A CNC programmer operates computer numerical control machines to cut materials like metal and plastic for building objects such as airplanes or appliances. In the simplest terms, the CNC programmer uses coding and software to tell the machine what to cut. In addition to initially programming machinery, they also troubleshoot and improve existing software and codes. They work with blueprints to ensure precise directions, and engineers to make improvements. The machines are used to shape and cut precision products such as machine, car, and aviation parts. ... They convert that information into a form that's usable to the machine. Start at SUNY CCC with this program: Machine Tool Technology A.A.S. 
Chemical Technician What you'll do: Chemical Technicians conduct chemical and physical laboratory tests to assist scientists in making qualitative and quantitative analyses of solids, liquids, and gaseous materials for research and development of new products or processes, quality control, maintenance of environmental standards, and other work involving experimental, theoretical, or practical application of chemistry and related sciences. Start at SUNY CCC with this program: Chemical Technology A.A.S.
Electrical Technician What you'll do: Electrical technicians help create, maintain and repair the electronic components and equipment used in any equipment or device that involves electricity. They can sometimes work with electricians or electrical engineers, or work on site to keep machinery and specialty equipment running correctly. Electrical technicians use specialized measuring and diagnostic devices to evaluate how electrical equipment is working, building or calibrating instrumentation, build electronic devices based on reading schematics, inspect for problems, replace old equipment and install new equipment, and much more. Start at SUNY CCC with this program: Electrical Technology: Electronics A.A.S.
Manufacturing Technician What you'll do: Manufacturing Technicians Set up and operate production equipment in accordance with current good manufacturing practices and standard operating procedures. and Assist engineers in developing, building, or testing prototypes or new products, processes, or procedures. Start at SUNY CCC with this program: Mechanical Technology: CAD Design A.A.S.
Machine Tool Technician What you'll do: Machine technicians work directly with the fabrication and maintenance of machinery. They may be employed as machinists or mechanical engineering technicians, depending on the technicians' skills and levels of education. Machinists, who often train through apprenticeship programs, usually work in industrial settings, such as automobile manufacturing plants, while mechanical engineering technicians, who have associate's degrees, can work in manufacturing or other types of businesses such as architectural or engineering firms. Start at SUNY CCC with this program: Machine Tool Technology A.A.S.
CAD Designer/Drafter What you'll do: A CAD designer generates technical drawings that will aid in the building or manufacturing of many things. As a CAD drafter, you may work with architects or civil engineers to design blueprints for projects like buildings or bridges. You may work with manufacturers to create precise technical drawings of products in production. You may also visit job sites or factories to see how the project is progressing and make updates as needed. Overall, you use your digital designs to help your clients develop their concept into a reality. Start at SUNY CCC with this program: Mechanical Technology: CAD Design A.A.S.