Gain New Skills, Knowledge, and Experience with Micro-credentials.

What is a micro-credential?
Micro-credentials are short, focused credentials designed to provide in-demand skills, know-how and experience. Stackable micro-credentials can also provide a pathway to a certificate or full degree, now or when you are ready.

Who can earn a micro-credential?
Current students, alumni, anyone seeking to advance their career or increase their earning potential, those needing to upskill or make a career change, those looking to come back to the job market, and yes, those looking for fun, engaging, learning to support a hobby or interest can all find a SUNY micro-credential that fits their needs.

How does a micro-credential work?
Micro-credentials often combine courses from registered degree programs, innovative applied learning experiences, preparation for industry certifications, and/or non-credit coursework. A micro-credential could be coursework alone (the most common micro-credential length is three courses), a series of workshops, or a combination of coursework and an applied learning experience or certification preparation.

Micro-Credential Offerings:

Business and Finance
Tax Preparer

Community Engagement: Education, Social Services, Law Enforcement
Childhood Development Associate Preparation
Direct Support Professional
Teaching Assistant

Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Computing and Information Systems
Certified Cisco Network Administrator

Technology and Manufacturing
Applied Electronics
Mechanical Assembler


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