Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety employs a professionally trained staff of New York State Certified Peace Officers and Campus Safety Officers to provide protection and service to the campus community.

Contact Information

If you require immediate emergency assistance (emergency medical services, police or fire response) dial 911.  Be prepared to tell the 911 dispatcher the nature of your emergency and your exact location.

The Department of Public Safety can be contacted at 607-962-9000 or by dialing '9000' from any campus phone. 

“Red Phones,” located in each building, automatically dial the Public Safety office. 

For the Elmira Academic and Workforce Development Center Public Safety office, dial 607-936-5512 or extension 5512 from a SUNY CCC office phone.

The Department of Public Safety can also be contacted at (non-emergency use only)


Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The annual security and fire safety report (ASR) is a requirement of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), specifically the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security and Crime Statistics Act.

The federal law requires colleges and universities to:

  • Collect, classify and count crime reports and statistics
  • Issue campus alerts under certain requirements
  • Publish an annual security and fire safety report (ASR)
  • Maintain a Daily Crime and Fire Log
  • Disclose missing student notification procedures
  • Provide fire safety information

2020 Campus Safety Report - PDF

2021 Annual Safety and Fire Report