Welcome to our MyCorning Portal for Current Students and Staff

We updated portal login procedures to increase account security. If you have not logged into your CCC computer account, email, Banner, etc. since June 27, 2022, you must activate your account.

Activate My CCC Computer Account

1. Activation Directions

2. Activate Account
3. Wait 30 minutes
4. Test Login Account
5. Set up Security Methods

Important Notes:

  • Your CID (C00123456) is located on your student id card.
  • Your login id is your email address, which consists of userid@corning-cc.edu
  • Ensure you are using the latest updated browser.
  • If you receiving a 404 message, please sign out of your non-college Google account before signing in.

Technical Support:

  • Call 607-962-9555
  • Email helpdesk@corning-cc.edu