What to do if you are absent from class

If you are ill for two or more consecutive days, contact your instructors by phone or e-mail. Refer to your course syllabus regarding your instructor's policy related to absences. There is NOT a universal policy at CCC related to illnesses and absences. Material covered during lecture, missed exams and/or quizzes may or may not be available to be made up. That is determined at the discretion of the instructor. Good communication with your instructors is the best way to avoid a conflict related to a missed class.

The Health Office cannot provide an excused absence. Additionally, the Health Office cannot grant a medical leave of absence. If you will be missing a week or more of classes you are encouraged to contact your academic advisor and/or Educational Planning Center to discuss what options are available to you. Instructors may drop a student due to absences. Typically that does not occur until the student has exceeded the number of allowed absences. This information should be outlined in the course syllabus. Failure to formally withdraw from the college may result in denial for re-entry. Also, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office in the event of withdrawing, dropping, or adding classes as it may have a direct impact on any existing student loans.

  • Advising and Counseling Services: 607-962-9434
  • Financial Aid Office: 607-962-9373

If you will be missing a class due to a death in the family, or if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, or you are ill/injured resulting in hospitalization, you may contact the Health Office. The nurse will communicate to each of your instructors using campus e-mail, writing, or by phone depending on the nature of the hospitalization. The nurse will only communicate information that the student specifies. Any information that is given to the Health Office is treated as confidential and remains so unless stipulated by the student. The release of this information to faculty is deemed as a courtesy only for both student and faculty. It does not imply an excused absence, nor does it suggest what consequence your absence may have on your academic standing in the course.

Student's who are ill with the flu are encouraged to follow up with their primary physician for treatment and should stay home if symptoms are moderate to severe. All students are encouraged to follow the CDC's suggestions related to flu prevention at www.cdc.gov/flu. Student's are encouraged to monitor MyCCC for health alerts.

If any student has an inquiry or a conflict related to an illness or injury that is not being addressed to their satisfaction after talking with their instructors and the Health Office, please feel free to contact the VP/Dean of Student Development at 607-962-9264.