Refer to your course syllabus regarding your instructor's policy related to absence.  It is recommended that you contact your instructor if you are absent for two or more consecutive days. 

The Health Office can not provide an excused absence, however the nurse can assist you in making a decision as to whether it is appropriate to attend class when you are ill, and can supply you with a written recommendation.  

If you will be missing class due to an accident, hospitalization, or other extenuating circumstances you may contact the Health Office for assistance.  The nurse can communicate with each of your instructors at your request, sharing only the information that you authorize in writing to be released.   

Student's who are ill with a fever or influenza like symptoms are encouraged to follow up with their primary physician and should stay home to prevent the spread of illness.  All students are encouraged to follow the CDC's suggestions related to flu prevention at www.cdc.gov/flu. Students are encouraged to monitor SUNY CCC's internal web-site for health alerts.