Williamson Jr. Sr. High School

ACE courses offered 2020-2021

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Emphasizes the modern aspects of biology and its techniques. Includes biochemistry, cell structure and physiology, genetic mechanisms, a survey of the three domains of organisms, and plant structure and physiology. For math/science students (4 cr. hrs.) Lecture/laboratory. Meets General Education requirement in Natural Sciences. Maximum of 18 total students in a single LAB section. If more than 18 students are in the course, they must be broken up into at least 2 sections.
Introduction to computer aided design (CAD) techniques. Teaches commands necessary to generate basic three-dimensional part models, assemblies and two-dimensional engineering drawings through the use of a computer using a solid modeling program. (3 cr. hrs.) Lecture/graphics terminal lab.
Essay writing designed to sharpen the student's perceptions of the world through the study and use of non-fiction writings and to facilitate communications with correctness, clarity, unity, organization, and depth. Assignments include expository writing, argumentation, and research techniques.(3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Basic Communication.
Dreams and concepts brought to the New World and their development into America’s institutions and social fabric. Conflict and consensus among groups, dilemmas facing revolutionaries and reformers, and ways economic, political and social changes have occurred. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in American History
An intuitive approach to statistics. Analysis and description of numerical data using frequency distributions, histograms and measures of central tendency and dispersion, elementary theory of probability with applications of binomial and normal probability distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, chi-square, linear regression, and correlation. The statistical computer language Minitab will be used. (4 cr. hrs.) Graphing calculator required; Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 recommended.
The first semester of differential and integral single variable calculus. Basic theory using algebraic and trigonometric function and applications are covered concurrently. Topics include limits, derivatives, considered by algebraically and graphically, differentials and their use as approximations, the indefinite and definite integrals with applications to areas, volumes, surface area, arc length, moments and center of mass. (4 cr. hrs.) Graphing calculator required; Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 recommended. Cannot receive credit for this course and MATH 1510-1520. Meets SUNY General Education requirement in Mathematics.