GST BOCES-Wildwood Campus, Hornell

ACE courses offered 2020-2021

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Agencies and processes in the criminal justice system – legislature, police, prosecutor, public defender, courts and corrections. Roles and problems of law enforcement in a democratic society, component interrelations and checks and balances. (3 cr. hrs.) 
Theories and applications of computers. Includes computer architecture, hardware, software, number coding, problem solving paradigms, microcomputer applications, network technology, computer ethics, computer careers, e-commerce, and system software. (4 cr. hrs.) Lecture/laboratory; Recommended for computer majors only; non-majors see CSIT 1390. Shelf Life Alert.
A theoretical overview of networks. Introduction to the OSI model, communications media, various network equipment, data transmission, protocols, topologies, architectures, Local area networks, Wide area networks, Routing and Routing protocols, IP addressing, and structured cabling. (4 cr. hrs.) Lecture/laboratory.
Essay writing designed to sharpen the student's perceptions of the world through the study and use of non-fiction writings and to facilitate communications with correctness, clarity, unity, organization, and depth. Assignments include expository writing, argumentation, and research techniques. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Basic Communication.
Essay writing course designed to advance critical, analytical, and writing abilities begun in ENGL 1010. Literary analysis and interpretation on works of fiction, poetry, and drama. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Humanities and Basic Communication.