GST BOCES Bush Campus, Elmira

ACE courses offered 2019-2020

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First of a four-semester sequence of lab and lecture courses. Introduces safety practices, symptom analysis, inspection, testing and servicing, and systems inter-relationships. Written project and oral presentation required. (3 cr. hrs.) Lecture
Understanding of individual and workplace needs as they relate to professionalism, team building, and career growth. Topic areas include human relations, business ethics, business etiquette, team building concepts, and career enrichment. (3 cr. hrs.) Discussion/participation and role-playing exercises. May be taught in a simulated work environment.
Agencies and processes in the criminal justice system – legislature, police, prosecutor, public defender, courts and corrections. Roles and problems of law enforcement in a democratic society, component interrelations and checks and balances. (3 cr. hrs.)
A study of the fundamentals of criminal investigations, including general criminal investigative methods, preliminary investigations, and the subsequent phases of investigations. Topics include investigative and crime scene management, utilization of criminalistics experts and forensic science laboratories, sources of information and informants, basic criminal intelligence analysis, interviews and interrogations, documentation and report writing, witnesses, surveillance operations, various types of investigations including undercover and sting operations, legal issues and case law, search and seizure warrants, case files, prosecution preparation, courtroom testimony and demeanor, and trials. In addition, the course will review the current role of criminal investigations in terrorism and national security issues. (3 cr. hrs.)
Survey of early childhood education theories and principles and the alternative settings available for the care and education of young children. Emphasis on defining program quality as it pertains to developmentally appropriate care and other characteristics of the child care environment. (3 cr. hrs.). Lecture/Projects/Field assignments and/or observations.
Essay writing designed to sharpen the student's perceptions of the world through the study and use of non-fiction writings and to facilitate communications with correctness, clarity, unity, organization, and depth. Assignments include expository writing, argumentation, and research techniques. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Basic Communication.
Essay writing course designed to advance critical, analytical, and writing abilities begun in ENGL 1010. Literary analysis and interpretation on works of fiction, poetry, and drama. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Humanities and Basic Communication.
Designed to assist first-year students in adjusting to the college environment as well as becoming familiar with strategies for success. A general orientation to the resources of the college, essential academic success skills to better understand the learning process, and career exploration will be covered. (3 cr. hrs.) Lectures/discussions/activities.