Genesee Valley High School

ACE courses offered 2020-2021

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Vocabulary and concepts of accounting and bookkeeping for the small business. Provides some knowledge of accounting for working in a business environment and some skills to do the accounting in a small business organization. (4 cr. hrs.) Cannot be taken for credit if credit has already been earned for ACCT 1030.
An introduction to the visual arts emphasizing the understanding andappreciation of art through a review of the elements and principles of artand design, as well as an examination of two- and three-dimensional artforms, methods and media.(3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Humanities.
Essay writing designed to sharpen the student's perceptions of the world through the study and use of non-fiction writings and to facilitate communications with correctness, clarity, unity, organization, and depth. Assignments include expository writing, argumentation, and research techniques. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Basic Communication.
Essay writing course designed to advance critical, analytical, and writing abilities begun in ENGL 1010. Literary analysis and interpretation on works of fiction, poetry, and drama. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Humanities and Basic Communication.
Dreams and concepts brought to the New World and their developmentinto America’s institutions and social fabric. Conflict and consensusamong groups, dilemmas facing revolutionaries and reformers, and wayseconomic, political and social changes have occurred. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in American History
End of the Civil War to the present. Topics include: industrialurbanization, racism, sexism, the new manifest destiny, politicalchanges, and the growth of a modern nation.(3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in American History.
Music notation, scales, modes, keys, intervals, simple chord progressions, elementary sight singing, and elementary keyboard accompaniment using primary chords. (3 cr. hrs.) Lecture. Appropriate for the student planning elementary education as a career. Meets SUNY General Education requirement in Humanities.