Bradford Central School

ACE courses offered 2020-2021

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Inter-relationships between organisms and the environment. The impact of human activities such as pollution, resource use and population growth is studied. Basic ecological concepts provide a foundation for understanding environmental problems and global change. Labs will illustrate the complexity associated with environmental change and emphasize sustainability. Laboratory includes the observation of plants, algae, bacteria and animals. (4 cr. hrs.) Lecture/laboratory.
Elasticity of supply and demand, utility theory, production cost analysis, profit maximization, monopoly and government regulation, labor organization, international trade and finance, economics of growth, resource depletion, and pollution. (3 cr. hrs.) Upper-level course.
Essay writing designed to sharpen the student's perceptions of the world through the study and use of non-fiction writings and to facilitate communications with correctness, clarity, unity, organization, and depth. Assignments include expository writing, argumentation, and research techniques.(3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Basic Communication
Essay writing course designed to advance critical, analytical, and writing abilities begun in ENGL 1010. Literary analysis and interpretation on works of fiction, poetry, and drama.(3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Humanities and Basic Communicatio
Theories and practices of American Federal Government with emphasis on the national level. Changing relationships between the branches of the national government, policy formulation, political parties, pressure groups, and the growth of presidential powers. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in Western Civilization.
Dreams and concepts brought to the New World and their development into America’s institutions and social fabric. Conflict and consensus among groups, dilemmas facing revolutionaries and reformers, and ways economic, political and social changes have occurred. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in American History.
End of the Civil War to the present. Topics include: industrial-urbanization, racism, sexism, the new manifest destiny, political changes, and the growth of a modern nation. (3 cr. hrs.) Meets General Education requirement in American History.
An intuitive approach to statistics. Analysis and description of numerical data using frequency distributions, histograms and measures of central tendency and dispersion, elementary theory of probability with applications of binomial and normal probability distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, chi-square, linear regression, and correlation. The statistical computer language Minitab will be used. (4 cr. hrs.) Graphing calculator required; Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 recommended.
The characteristics of elementary real functions including algebraic and graphical analysis, inequalities, absolute values, logarithms, trigonometry of real numbers, plane analytic geometry, polar coordinates, complex numbers and Binomial Theorem. (4 cr. hrs.). A graphing calculator without a CAS (Computer Algebra System) is required; Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 recommended. Meets SUNY General Education requirements in Mathematics.
Develops self-awareness and audience awareness through oral presentation. Organize and present material in a variety of speaking occasions, including information, visualization, demonstration, argumentation, persuasion. (3 cr. hrs.) (Fall, Spring). Lecture/presentations