Alfred-Almond Central School

ACE courses offered 2020-2021

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Vocabulary and concepts of accounting and bookkeeping for the small business. Provides some knowledge of accounting for working in a business environment and some skills to do the accounting in a small business organization. (4 cr. hrs.) Cannot be taken for credit if credit has already been earned for ACCT 1030.
Effective techniques for oral and written communications. Analyzing and writing letters, memos, and business reports. Proficiency in language mechanics will be assessed. (3 cr. hrs.)
Understanding of individual and workplace needs as they relate to professionalism, team building, and career growth. Topic areas include human relations, business ethics, business etiquette, team building concepts, and career enrichment. (3 cr. hrs.) Discussion/participation and role-playing exercises. May be taught in a simulated work environment.
Designed to assist first-year students in adjusting to the college environment as well as becoming familiar with strategies for success. A general orientation to the resources of the college, essential academic success skills to better understand the learning process, and career exploration will be covered. (3 cr. hrs.) Lecutres/discussions/activities.
Service Learning Requirements, obligations, and strategies for successful community service. Historical impact of community service in U.S. society. Emphasis on benefits of civic engagement and lifelong community involvement. Setting work and commitment expectations, identifying skills, and learning basic skills essential to volunteer situations. (1 cr. Hr.) May be taken up to 3 times for a total of not more than 3 credit hours.  
Development of facility in reading, writing, speaking and understanding the language through a systematic review of its structure. Representative readings as an introduction to Spanish civilizations. (4 cr. hrs.) Lecture/recitation/laboratory. Upper-level course. Meets General Education requirement in Foreign Languages.
A thorough analysis of the language; intensive discussion of grammar, usage, style and vocabulary, enhancing expression through composition, oral reports and more informed class discussions and conversations. (4 cr. hrs.) Lecture/recitation/laboratory. Essential for Spanish majors who plan to take upper-level language and literature studies. Upper-level course. Meets General Education requirement in Foreign Languages.