Perry Hall Contract

Reserve your room when you pay your initial payment by credit/debit card. Before you begin, please have your credit card available as payment must be submitted immediately following contract submission. Please note, to reserve your room, you must have been accepted. 

Please contact Cody Crippen, Coordinator of Residence Life, at 607-962-9135 or

Note: To pay the security deposit by check or money order, please contact the CCC Housing Company, LLC at 607-962-9458 or

Your 8-digit College ID number can be found on your admissions acceptance letter (example: C00123456)
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This Housing Contract is an agreement between You (the student named above) and CCC Housing Company, LLC (the owner of Perry Hall) that outlines the terms and conditions of your stay in Perry Hall. By submitting this Housing Contract now, You are only applying for a room. You are not guaranteed a room until CCC Housing Company, LLC, confirms Your assignment. Upon assignment, You are bound by the terms of this Housing Contract. 


Subject to the conditions and requirements herein, you are being granted by CCC Housing Company, LLC, a revocable and non-exclusive license to share a suite, including its common areas, and a bedroom. This is not a lease and You are not a tenant under New York State Law, however in the event of default, you agree that CCC Housing Company, LLC may proceed by Special Proceeding and for such purposes only, you will be deemed a tenant and CCC Housing Company, LLC a landlord. This license will be in effect as long as You adhere to any and all terms of this contract and all rules an regulations issued by the CCC Housing Company, LLC, and the SUNY Corning Community College with respect to the residence hall as contained in the Residence Hall Handbook. You will be able to move-in, stay, and move-out according to a calendar that will be distributed at least sixty (60) days before the start of a given term. In addition, as a resident of Perry Hall, You will be obligated to follow the terms and conditions set out in the Residence Life Handbook and comply with common area, visitor access, safety and security, and other rules and regulations as may be posted about Perry Hall or otherwise furnished to You by CCC Housing Company, LLC or SUNY Corning Community College, which requirements, terms and conditions may change from time to time.

Please Indicate below your intended term of enrollment.
 Assignments generally will be made to a Double; however, if You indicate a different preference and such preference is still available, assignments will be made on a “space available” basis.

Room Rate*
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What are your obligations under this Housing Contract?
When CCC Housing Company, LLC, confirms your room assignments, you become obligated to pay the applicable rate(s) for the applicable term(s) unless this Housing Contract is otherwise terminated under the rules of this contract. Failure to follow the Residence Life Handbook or perform your obligations under this Housing Contract are material defaults and, in the sole discretion of CCC Housing Company, LLC, could lead to the early termination of this Housing Contract, loss of amounts already paid, and liability for unpaid amounts through the end of the originally selected term (s). In addition to any other consequence permitted hereunder, any resident found responsible for alcohol or drug violations, placed on probationary status or deemed to be a threat to themselves or others, will result in a parental contact/notification.

Initial Payment/Deposit
Payment of $450 is required at the time of application. This amount includes a $250 security deposit as well as $200 which will be applied as a down payment on the rate charged to your account upon confirmation of your room assignment. If You are not provided a room assignment, this $450 will be fully refunded no later than sixty (60) days after the start of the applicable term.

Use of Security Deposit/Damages
Your security deposit of $250 will be first applied against any damages charged to your account, including lost keys.
  • You are jointly and severally responsible for all suite and bedroom damages beyond normal wear and tear.
  • You are individually responsible for damages anywhere in Perry Hall that occur due to the actions of You or your guests.
  • You are individually responsible for the return of all keys provided to You.
  • In addition to damages, your security deposit may be applied against other amounts You owe under this Housing Contract. Such amounts could include,but are not limited to, amounts unpaid if You leave before the end of the term(s) indicated above. If any deposit amount remains after deductions as permitted herein, it will be returned to you no later than sixty (60) days after the end of the applicable term. If at the end of the term You owe for damages beyond the $250 deposit, You will be billed for the balance and must make full payment within sixty (60) days of the end of the term.
Meal Plan
As a resident of Perry Hall You will be required to purchase a Meal Plan for each semester. Meal plan options will be provided to You separately by SUNY Corning Community College.

Good Standing at the College
In order to reside in Perry Hall:

  • You must be registered, enrolled full-time (twelve credits or more) and in good academic standing at SUNY Corning Community College prior to moving into your
    assigned room. Failure to maintain good academic or disciplinary standing will be cause for immediate revocation of this Housing Contract.
  • You must obtain a Certificate of Residence from the county in New York State in which You permanently reside. This is not a requirement for out-of-state residents.
  • Your financial obligations to SUNY Corning Community College must be met (payment plan, financial aid in place, or balance paid in full).
  • You must provide proof of Health Insurance.
  • You must provide proof of immunization/vaccination.

Refund Policy
If You withdraw from SUNY Corning Community College before the last day of the Semester during the applicable term (s) stated above, You will be refunded according to the schedule below:

  • If You withdraw prior to the start of classes: 100%
  • If You withdraw during the 1st calendar week of classes: 75%
  • If You withdraw during the 2nd week of classes: 50%
  • If You withdraw during the 3rd week of classes: 25%
  • If You withdraw after the 3rd week of classes no refund will be issued to You.
Early Release
The Director of Student Services is empowered to release You from your obligations under this Housing Contract if You present compelling reasons for such an early release (i.e. marriage, active military duty, medical reasons). Conditions may be placed on such early release including but not limited to, your continued obligation to pay for your room/suite until the end of your original term(s).
Non-Transferable Contract
This Housing Contract is not transferable by you. You may not
take a roommate. You may not assign, lease, sublease, short-term license or otherwise attempt to transfer your interests, in whole or in part, under this Housing Contract. Any attempts are
automatically void.

Revocation or Cancellation
Your license to reside in Perry Hall may be revoked and possession of your room retaken for any violation of the terms of this Housing Contract or the Residence Life Handbook. You may cancel this Housing Contract in writing by written notice emailed to by no later than August 1, 2025. Any cancellation after that date will result in reduction or loss of amounts paid.

Collection Costs
By signing this contract You accept liability for all collection costs incurred by CCC Housing Company, LLC, or its agents as a result of your failure to pay any amounts owed by You pursuant to this Housing Contract. Such costs include, but are not limited to, court costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees, and collection fees, including costs and attorney fees incurred in the enforcement of this provision and this Housing Contract.
You agree that this Housing Contract can be enforced in the courts serving Steuben County, New York, and You agree to personal jurisdiction and venue for any action in those courts.

Housing Company Liability 
CCC Housing Company, LLC, its agents, and any affiliated entities or individuals, members, managers, officers or owners, shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for, and You hereby hold them harmless from, any loss of or damage to any personal property, including vehicles, anywhere in or on CCC Housing Company, LLC, or College premises, caused by fire, water, steam, the elements, insufficient heat, loss or surges of electricity, the actions of third parties, or any other acts of nature. You are responsible for insuring your own personal property, if desired; no insurance is maintained by the CCC Housing Company, LLC, for your personal property.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility
If You are considered a dependent student for federal student aid purposes at the time You sign this Housing Contract, your parent/guardian must also sign. By signing this Housing Contract, your parent/guardian hereby guarantees your performance under this Housing Contract, and assumes joint responsibility for your financial obligations hereunder. If You fail to make any required payment(s) under this Housing Contract, CCC Housing Company, LLC may seek payment in full from your parent/guardian, which remedy may be undertaken in the first instance and without having first exhausting collection efforts against You. If unsure of your dependent status, visit for an explanation of the criteria that determine whether You are a dependent student or an independent student for federal student
aid purposes.

By signing below you AND your parent/Guardian

  • Agree to pay the full cost of this Housing Contract prior to move-in (including Room Rate, Initial Payment and Security Deposit);
  • Acknowledge that You and your parent have reviewed and agree to accept the responsibility of following all the terms and conditions of this Housing Contract and all terms and conditions set forth in the Residence Life Handbook and the required meal plan; and
  • Acknowledge that You and your parent/guardian have reviewed both the Residence Life Handbook and the required meal plan.
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Student Signature
Parent / Guardian Signature - (If Student is a dependent for federal student aid purposes at the time of signing):
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