In A Store Near You

Vince Mizzoni ’13 is a Graphic Designer for Corelle Brands in Corning, N.Y. Target is currently selling his gingerbread village and peppermints Christmas designs on Pyrex storage containers.

“Knowing that my designs are being sold across the country and being seen by millions of people is still surreal to me,” said Vince. “I’m glad I continued to push myself to get to this point.”

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Mansfield University in 2015, Vince began his career as a pre-production graphic designer at a screen print shop. It was here he learned how to separate colors and elements based on different printing processes. He also learned how to prepare artwork for printing – a skill he would need at Corelle.

“I became interested in digital artwork during my time at [SUNY] CCC and eventually started designing logos,” said Vince. “When I heard Mansfield had a graphic design program I knew I wanted to pursue that aspect of art as a career.”

Aside from prepping artwork, creating new designs, and choosing colors, Vince stays up-to-date on current trends. He must be aware of what consumers want their products to look like.

“Current trends are everything in this industry,” said the Corning, N.Y. native. “We have to study general trends overall, as well as more localized trends based on what our buyers are looking for.”

For Vince, his favorite part about working at Corelle is the fact that his day-to-day duties are never the same. He also enjoys the collaborative atmosphere among his co-workers.

“I love the freedom of this job,” he said. “One day we might create designs for specific buyers, the next day we might study current trends or create mockup designs for customer meetings.”

Vince credits SUNY CCC and Art Professor David Higgins for inspiring him to continue to pursue an art degree at Mansfield.

“My favorite part about SUNY CCC was taking all of the art classes they have to offer and working with professors like David Higgins,” said Vince. “The classes prepared me for my next step because I learned all about Adobe programs – something I still use to this day.”

David describes Vince as an exceptional drawer who has the ability to make his creations come to life.

“What set Vince apart was his imagination,” said David. “He could draw any kind of monster or creature from his head and make it look absolutely real.”

Vince plans on using his imagination to create designs for Corelle for a long time.

“I see a future here at Corelle for many years to come,” said Vince. “I want to continue growing as an artist and learning about this field.”