Robert Kosty '99 and Marianne (Ruocco) Kosty '75

How did you two meet?
"This is an interesting fact. When I (Marianne) was around four years old, Bob was our paperboy. Of course, I do not remember this but when we met again in 1966, he reminded me. I thought it was just a pick up line, so I needed to check with my mother on that one. When asked, she verified that indeed he was our paperboy for several years. As stated, we met again in 1966 at a Corning Glass Inc. event.

When and where did you get married?

"We got married at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Corning on January 27, 1968."

What is your favorite SUNY CCC memory? This may be answered as a couple or individually.

Marianne: "My favorite memory was some of the students I met when taking my classes through the evening program. Since I was working full time, I was not able to attend classes as a normal day-time student, but rather in the evening. It was interesting interacting with some of the full-time day students who were taking some evening courses. Their goals were entirely different from mine or other evening students."

Bob: "Graduating after many years out of the educational environment. I was the oldest member of my graduating class and sat next to the youngest member at the graduation ceremony."

Tell us your love story.

Marianne: "Bob and I have been married now going on 52 years. One wonders where the time has gone. Our marriage has weathered through the thick and the thin. The first 6 years of our marriage, Bob worked evening shifts at Corning Inc. while I worked the normal 8-5 hours. We saw each other in passing but all of this made us more thankful for each other, and we appreciated the time we were able to spend together. 

We were able to finally start a normal life when Bob was placed on days in 1975. From then on, we were able to do things normal families did during the week and after work hours.

We have always been supportive of each other, regardless of whatever each of us undertook. When I started traveling extensively for my job, Bob kept the household going during my absences. Sometimes, I would be gone for 1-2 weeks at a time, especially if I was traveling internationally. It was always great to return home to a loving person after being in a strange country for extended periods of time. Someone who missed your presence. 

Since both of us have retired, we have traveled extensively. Not only through the United States, but to other countries as well. During these travels, we have made some lasting friendships over the years.

When one of us has been ill for an extended period of time, the other has always been there encouraging and giving support for a speedy and complete recovery.

There have been ups and downs as stated above, but overall our life has been very fulfilling and we have fortunately been able to weather the storms. Working together in every manner has allowed us to grow individually and as a couple."

What does SUNY CCC mean to you today?

"SUNY Corning Community College is a great school that offers many programs and opportunities for advanced studies. The professors and staff are top notch and provide the training needed for those students who choose to continue their education at advanced levels."

What does your life look like now?

"We currently reside in Horseheads, NY where we have called home for the last 46 years. Both of us are very active in the community. We are both involved in our church, St. Mary Our Mother in Horseheads; are faithful volunteers at Corning Museum of Glass and the Rakow Library and are very active members of Corning Elks Lodge #1071.

We have always had kitties in our lives and currently, we are the proud parents of a beautiful Ragdoll cat named Lady Izzabella. She brings great joy to our lives and helps to keep us both young!"

Please share some advice for couples that you've learned through your own relationship.

"Couples will remain couples by working together and realizing that marriage is a give and take situation. One person cannot control the household and cannot control individuals in that household. Everyone is an individual and needs to be treated as such."

Is there anything else you would like to share?

"For Marianne, SUNY CCC was a stepping stone for her career with Corning, Inc. Without the education she received there and the one she received at Elmira College after graduating from SUNY CCC, she would not have been able to advance to the position she held upon her retirement and would not have experienced all that she did during her working years.

For Bob, graduating from college was a goal of his for many years. But attending immediately after high school was not an option for him. He is just disappointed that he did not take the initiative and start his educational journey earlier.

For both Marianne and Bob, they were the first from their immediate families to ever attend and graduate from college. Something both sets of parents would have been very proud of it they had been living at the time of our graduations."