Testing Center Make-Up Exam Form

Testing Center CHM 102

Make up testing and In-person proctoring of online course exams for current CCC students only.

The Testing Center staff will be available for make-up and in-person proctoring of exams by appointment only. DROP-IN TESTING IS NOT AVAILABLE.

INSTRUCTORS: Please submit the form below. We will communicate the availability of a proctor for the scheduled time or return the form with an alternate testing time if needed.

Please let your students know that, when they report to the testing room, they will be asked to give the Proctor their name, course and section number, and show some form of photo identification.

For Exams requiring a computer or special software, you must contact the Testing Center at Testing@corning-cc.edu or call x9226 to make arrangements as a computer may not be available at certain times.

Please forward exams to the Testing Center using the Testing@corning-cc.edu email address.  We would like to have the exams one day in advance, but understand that isn’t always possible. We will work with you to make sure we have all we need to securely proctor these exams.


(i.e.-open book, notes, calculator allowed, etc)

After the student completes the exam, please make arrangements for the exam to be returned.


Thank you!!