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Our Program

The Mechatronics A.A.S. program is designed for those looking to enter the workforce as a process control technician, industrial maintenance technician, or general technical support position. Our dedicated professors will provide you with traditional classroom coursework, hands-on lessons, active learning coursework, and industrial internship opportunities. Program Outline  


The Mechatronics A.A.S. program prepares students for career goals including the following:
Job Titles Degree Needed Regional/State Job Outlook Regional Median Wages
Industrial Machinery Mechanic  varies  Very Favorable  57,210

The Southern Tier’s Advanced Manufacturing sector provides high quality economic opportunities for workers with lower levels of education. Workers employed in the industry earn some of the highest wages in the area at $64k, far above the regional average.
(Regional Economic Development Council of the Southern Tier Industry Cluster Plan, 2015)

Our Faculty

Highlighted for this program: Kiflom Gebremichael

Program Contact

Brad Cole, ADI STEM