Mechanical Assembler II Micro-Credential

Mechanical Assembler II

The Southern Tier has roughly 450 manufacturers employing 19% of the total workforce. There is a significant and immediate need for Mechanical Assemblers for many area manufacturers. These micro-credentials develop skills that industry requires, and employers are interested in credentialed employees.

Stackable to Degree Program

The micro-credentials align with requirements for the Machine Tool Technology Certificate and the A.A.S. Degree so students can progress earning stackable credentials: Mechanical Assembler I, Mechanical Assembler II, Machine Tool Technology Certificate, Machine Tool A.A.S. 

Mechanical Assembler II is 7 credits and is comprised of the following courses:

MATH 1230, Elements of Applied Math I (3 cr.) 

Learning Outcomes: 1. Perform Numerical Operations. 2. Evaluate, simplify, and perform operations with Algebraic Expressions. 3. Solve Equations. 4. Solve problems involving Geometry. 5. Solve problems involving Functions and Graphs. 6. Apply basic principles of Trigonometry. 7. Generate and evaluate Graphs of Trigonometric Functions - graph the sine and cosine functions of the form f(x) = a sin(bx + c) and f(x) = a cos(bx + c). 8. Solve problems using Vectors. 

MECH 2050, Hydraulics and Pneumatics (3 cr.) 

Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify and use volumetric calculations and the relationship between area, force and pressure. 2. Identify and describe the basic hydraulic system. 3. Identify and use accumulators. 4. Identify and use pressure intensifiers and boosters. 

TECH1120, Spreadsheet Applications in Technology (1 cr.) 

Learning Outcomes: 1. Format numerical data to correct number of significant figures and/or degree of precision, based on laboratory data collection. 2. Create algebraic, trigonometric, statistical, and logical functions using both relative and absolute addressing. 3. Create graphs and charts of laboratory data.