Human Services A.S.

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Our Program

The Human Services A.S. program is designed to prepare for transfer programs in the helping professions. 

The courses in this program provide students with an overview of the human services field along with the communication and documentation skills required. Appropriate selection of electives allows students to tailor the program to specific areas of interest. Students may choose to focus on services to the developmentally or physically challenged, children, youth, the elderly, or to offer help in the areas of domestic violence, child abuse or crisis intervention. 

Program Outline


The Human Services A.S. program prepares students for career goals including the following:
Job Title Degree Needed Regional/State Job Outlook Regional/State Median Earnings
Social Workers Bachelor's Favorable / Favorable $62,260 / $56,320
Social and Community Service Managers Bachelor's - / - $56,060 / $62,360


Our Faculty

Highlighted for this program: Eric Smith

Program Contact

Deborah Beall, ADI Professional Studies