Human Services A.S.

Human Services Associate Science Degree,

Transfer program

Division of Professional Studies

Associate Dean: Deborah Beall

Chair: Eric A. Smith

This is a transfer program intended for students who wish to continue into a bachelor’s level program in the helping professions such as social work, human services, and human services management.  The courses provide students with an overview of the human services field inclusive of professional skills and a broad exposure to the liberal arts and sciences, allowing the flexibility to enter into a wide variety of employment opportunities within the helping professions. Graduates will be able to: • Understand the roles and duties of human services professionals; • Identify areas of employment; • Use communication skills to facilitate problem solving; • Fulfill essential case management functions including interviewing, record keeping, gathering intake information, making referrals, and identifying consumer problems and issues; • Maintain professional and ethical standards of confidentiality; • Understand and respond to potential crisis issues and situations; • Identify and contact resources and agencies in community settings; • Examine the role of diversity in the helping professions.

Human Services AS

ENGL 1010 Composition I (3), ENGL 1020 Composition 11 (3)

Mathematics 1310 (Statistics) or higher (4)

PSYC 1101 General Psychology (3)

SOCI 1010  Introduction to Sociology (3)

BIOL 1050 Human Biology  (3)

HUSR 1010 Human Services 1(3)

HUSR 1040 Human Services 11 (3)

HUSR 1030 Introduction to Helping Skills (3)

HUSR 2960 Human Services Practicum 1 (6) and two general education/liberal arts electives in the following categories: Art, Foreign Language, Western Civilization, American History, and/or Other World Civilizations (6).

Art, Foreign Language, Western Civilization, American History,  and/or Other World Civilizations (3)

Wellness Awareness and/or Wellness Activity (2)

Free Elective (6) – Students are encouraged to take a crisis management elective and should choose from HUSR 1211, 1221 or 1581

Sociology or Psychology (2000 – level) (3): SOCI 2000 Social Problems, SOCI 2030 The Family, PSYC 2215 Abnormal Psychology , or PSYC 2030 Organizational Behavior recommended

Program elective (6): HUSR 1620 Ethics, HUSR 1510 Group Dynamics recommended

Humanities: SPCH 1080 Public Speaking (3)

Total Credits: 63


First Semester

English (ENGL 1010)                                  3

Mathematics (MATH 1310 or higher)                  4

Human Services I (HUSR 1010)                          3

Public Speaking (SPCH 1080)                             3

Psychology (PSYC 1101)                                    3

Total Credits                                                      16


Second Semester

English (ENGL 1020)                                         3

Human Services II (HUSR 1040)                         3

Lab Science (BIOL 1050 recommended)             3

Sociology (SOCI 1010)                                       3

Program Elective                                                 3

Total Credits                                                      15


Third Semester

Upper level Psychology or Sociology                  3

Introduction to Helping Skills (HUSR 1030)        3

Gen Ed elective (choose from courses in AH, WC, OWC, or FL/ARTS. 

Students are advised to choose from categories they have not already earned credit in.)                                  6

Program elective                                                 3

Wellness (awareness or activity)                          1

Total Credits                                                      16


Fourth Semester

Gen Ed elective (choose from a course in AH, WC, OWC, or FL/ARTS. 

Students are advised to choose from categories they have not already earned credit in.)                                  3

Practicum I (HUSR 2960)                                   6

Wellness (awareness or activity)                          1

Free Electives                                                      6

Total Credits                                                      16