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The Digital Design A.S. program engages students with a passion for design in the traditional tools of design and in digital creation of 2D drawings and 3D models representing real-world products that could, if well-designed, be manufactured. The program includes computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and the concepts of art/design. The interdisciplinary nature of this program builds design thinking, problem solving, and production skills that have application in a variety of career fields such as studio art, industrial design, and advanced manufacturing.

CAD skills are transferable, useful in a wide range of industries, especially, architectural services (buildings and landscape architecture) and manufacturing (clothing, electronics, machinery, and more). CAD is one of the most important steps between the initial conceptual design drawings and producing the prototype, especially with 3D modeling. 

Program Outline


The Digital Design A.S. program prepares students to transfer for career goals including:
Job Title Degree Needed

Regional/State Job Outlook

Regional/State Median Earnings
Commercial and Industrial Designers Bachelor's Favorable / Favorable $44,020 / $50,260
MakerSpace Manager varies varies estimate based on job postings: $50,000