Community and Public Health Education

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Our Program

The Community and Public Health A.S. program is designed for providing the specialized knowledge and skills you’ll need to address current and emerging public and community health issues. Community and Public Health majors learn how to effectively solve problems, work as a team, and evaluate the health of individuals and the community.  Program Outline


The Community and Public Health A.S. program prepares students to transfer for career goals including:
Job Title Degree Needed

Regional/State Job Outlook

Regional/State Median Earnings
Community Health Workers varies Very Fav. / Very Fav. $39,770 / $48,970
Health Educators Bachelor's Very Fav. / Very Fav. $51,540 / $63,030
Recreational Therapists Bachelor's - / Favorable $61,550 / $61,900
Epidemiologist Doctoral or professional degree - / Favorable - / $88,410


Our Faculty

Highlighted for this program: Elaine Corwin

Program Contact

Deborah Beall, ADI Professional Studies