Enhanced Bookkeeping/Accounting


This curriculum was designed and approved by faculty in the Business and Accounting department and with feedback from the advisory board. This micro-credential provides a continued, fast, comprehensive approach to developing a greater understanding of basic bookkeeping and accounting functions and is recommended for developing or sharpening skills for both entry level employees and those current employees who would like further professional development, or to refresh their skills.

Stackable to Degree Program

The Enhanced Bookkeeping/Accounting micro-credentials align with requirements for the Business A.A.S. and the Accounting/Financial Management A.S. should students choose to continue their education after obtaining the micro-credential. 

The micro-credential is 6 credits and is comprised of the following courses:

ACCT 1010 Micro-Computer Bookkeeping

The application of computerized general ledger accounting software with
emphasis on processing transactions and payroll, printing reports, as well as
managing both accounts receivable and accounts payable. (1 cr. hr.) (ASN).
Prerequisites: ACCT 1000 or ACCT 1030, BUSN 1100. Students may not
receive credit for both ACCT 2100 and ACCT 1010.

ACCT 1060 Fundamental Accounting Procedures

In-depth study of manual accounting procedures, preparation and analysis
of the Statement of Cash Flows, as well as alternatives for making accrual
and deferral adjustments, including merchandise inventory and closing
entries. (2 cr. hrs.) (Spring). Prerequisites: ACCT 1030 and BUSN 1100.

ACCT 2100 Computerized Accounting

Primarily an applications course. A computerized general ledger system
for general accounting and preparation of financial statements. Payroll
accounting, including federal tax reporting requirements. (3 cr. hrs.)
(Spring). Prerequisites: ACCT 1030 and BUSN 1100.