This curriculum was designed and approved by faculty in the Business and Accounting department and with feedback from the advisory board. This micro-credential provides a fast, comprehensive approach to developing a greater understanding of basic bookkeeping and accounting functions and is recommended for developing or sharpening skills for both entry level employees and those current employees who would like further professional development, or to refresh their skills. 

Stackable to Degree Program

The Bookkeeping/Accounting micro-credential aligns with requirements for the Business A.A.S. and the Accounting/Financial Management A.S. should students choose to continue their education after obtaining the micro-credential. 

The micro-credential is 7 credits and is comprised of the following courses:

BUSN 1100, Business Applications and Solutions

Communication, decision making, and critical thinking facilitated by the use
of software using online tools and word processing, spreadsheets,
presentations and databases in a simulated business environment to support
other required business courses. (3 cr. hrs.) (Fall, Spring).

ACCT 1000*, Accounting Practices

Vocabulary and concepts of accounting and bookkeeping for the small
business. Provides some knowledge of accounting for working in a business
environment and some skills to do the accounting in a small business
organization. (4 cr. hrs.) (ASN). Cannot be taken for credit if credit has
already been earned for ACCT 1030.

*(ACCT 1030 & ACCT 1040 can substitute for above ACCT 1000)