Accounting/Financial Management AS

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​Associate in Science Degree, Transfer Program

Upon completion, students in the AS in Accounting program will be prepared for transfer to four-year bachelor’s degree programs in accounting.

This program is designed to parallel the courses they would otherwise be taking during the first two years of study at a four-year college. A faculty advisor will guide students in selecting electives that will make transferring to a four-year college as efficient as possible.

SUNY Corning Community College has recently developed bachelor’s (four-year) degree completion and transfer credit agreements with other colleges in our region. Students who complete the program will also be prepared for immediate entry-level positions such as bookkeeper, accounting clerk, office manager, accounts payable or accounts receivable clerk, tax preparer, or inventory clerk.

Program Outline


Job Title Degree Needed Regional/State Job Outlook Regional/State Average Entry Earnings
Accountants Bachelor's Very Favorable / Favorable $52,980 / $ 62,660
Financial Analyst Bachelor's Favorable / Favorable $64,250 / $ 66,010
Administrative Support Associate's Favorable / Favorable $31,510/ $34,340


Associate Dean, Division of Professional Studies: Deb Beall

Department Chair: Jennifer O'Hara