Jessica Gerrish



Phone: 607.937.1304
Office: HEC 211F


Utica University (pursuing a Master in nursing education)
Chamberlian University, Nursing, B.S.
Excelsior University, Nursing, A.S. 


I love being a nurse and loved teaching newly licensed nurses in the hospital setting. I started my nursing education career off in the hospital where I oriented new staff on the floors. I then went on to be a nurse educator where I taught staff on the floors to remain up-to-date and trained on best practices. During that time, I also was the main instructor for a certified nurse assistant course.

My style of teaching tends to be a hands-on approach, as nursing is a hands-on career. I like to take the theory of nursing and use several different techniques to have the students apply it to practice. The bridges the gap from nursing school to practice and better prepare them for the NCLEX and their career. A positive teaching experience for me is when I see students really understanding the materials by applying them in the simulation lab.


Medical Surgical Nursing
Skills Lab
Simulation Lab

Professional Work

I have spent 10 years in the healthcare industry and have worked in medical surgical units, ASU/GI, ER, and women's health.


Florence Nightengale Award (2018)