Educator to the Core

Associate Professor Julie Dick is a teacher. Helping people thrive is what makes her tick. She believes the way to a healthier society is through stronger educational programs that are singularly focused on producing really good teachers.

“It’s important to me that only excellent teachers leave CCC,” said Associate Professor Dick. “We need teachers who were taught everything about the profession … the good, the bad, and the ugly … and still want to teach. Education and good schools are the answer to our economic challenges. I am honored to help CCC be a part of this process.”

She is part of the team who has helped launch the University Center at Corning Community College. A partnership with Alfred University, the program is designed for students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood/Childhood Education or a master’s degree in Literacy by attending classes held primarily on the CCC campus. Classes have reduced tuition, are taught by Alfred University professors, and Alfred University grants the degrees.

Talking to Professor Dick today, it would be hard to question her passion for education. That wasn’t always the case, though.

“I originally wanted to be a nurse,” said Associate Professor Dick. “I knew there were jobs. It was one of the stereotypical professions for women. It fell apart when I realized I didn’t like needles or blood.”

After that epiphany, she worked for a period of time as a daycare provider and considered transitioning to daycare administration. The heart-wrenching situations in which many of her tiny charges found themselves were unbearable, including twin girls who were diagnosed with failure to thrive.

“They weren’t gaining weight or growing,” said Associate Professor Dick. “We loved them back to health.”

Clearly Professor Dick works hard. She also plays hard. She likes to camp and has slept in 28 states across the country. She and her husband visit Florida regularly – where they are some of the youngest home owners in a retirement community – and she especially enjoys visiting with her sons, their families, and her two grandsons.