Daniel Coble

Associate Professor


Phone: 607.962.9452
Email: dcoble@corning-cc.edu
Office: Chemung 201B



Saint Joseph's University, Writing, M.A.
Nationally Certified Writing Tutor


Life as a college student is all about learning new things, meeting new people, having new experiences, and exploration. It's about standing on your own and discovering who you are. Your experience in the classroom should be the same. Instead of focusing on finding answers, we get practice asking good questions; instead of memorizing, we learn strategies for gaining new information. In my classes, expect to look at old things in a new way. Finally, exploration requires taking risks. Success is great. However, in my classes, we look at making mistakes, failure, and obstacles as opportunities to grow -all of which are just as valuable as succeeding from the start. College life is also an opportunity for second chances; in my classes, we embrace that mindset.


ENGL 1010 College Composition 1; ENGL1020 College Composition 2; SPCH 1080 Public Speaking; MCOM 1010 Media and Society: Introduction to Mass Communication; MCOM 2020 Rhetoric and Propaganda; ENGL 2030 Children's Literature

Professional Projects and Professional Development Interests

Strong Start to Finish; Guided Pathways; Open Educational Resources (edited both College Composition 1 and 2's OER textbooks)