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2+4 PharmD Pathway

SUNY Corning Community College has partnered with the University at Buffalo to create a 2 + 4 pathway for students to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy in six years. Students begin at SUNY CCC, earn an associate's degree that fulfills the required prerequisites at the University at Buffalo, and then proceed to the University at Buffalo to complete the final four years of the program.

SUNY Corning Community College students must identify intent to pursue the 2+4 within the first 30 credit hours to ensure they can meet all course requirements during the associate’s degree program. Students should make every effort to maintain continuous enrollment at SUNY Corning Community College.

At the end of the first and second years participants must submit an official transcript of grades to the PharmD Admissions Committee. Their performance in the program will be evaluated, and they will receive a written or electronic response informing them of their status. Failure of a participant to achieve or maintain these standards will result in his or her removal from the program.

University at Buffalo Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program Information 

The PharmD Admissions Committee is seeking the following minimum requirements to remain In the program:

Earn (on the 4.0 grading system) the following minimum grade point averages:
(a) Prerequisite course science and mathematics GPA 3.5
(b) Overall 3.5 GPA
(c) Each prerequisite course must successfully be completed with a grade equal to or greater than a C (2.0) by the end of the summer semester prior to UB admission.
(d) For the fall entering class, students will have completed at least one year of English composition, one year of biology, one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one year of calculus, one semester of statistics, one semester of microbiology, one semester of anatomy, one year of physiology, one semester of biochemistry, and one semester of any social or behavioral science and all University at Buffalo curriculum requirements by the end of the summer semester prior to the fall semester In which the student will enter the first year of the PharmD program.

The recommended degree at SUNY Corning Community College is Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Science (Associate in Science Degree)

English Composition I | SUNY CCC ENGL 1010 College Composition I
English Composition II | SUNY CCC ENGL 1020 College Composition II
Social Behavioral Science | SUNY CCC Any course offered in ANTH, ECON, PSYC, SOCI, or SPCH
Introductory Biology I with Laboratory | SUNY CCC BIOL 1510 General Biology I
Introductory Biology II with Laboratory | SUNY CCC BIOL 1520 General Biology II
Anatomy | SUNY CCC BIOL 2020 Anatomy & Physiology I & BIOL 2030 Anatomy & Physiology II
Physiology | SUNY CCC BIOL 2020 Anatomy & Physiology I & BIOL 2030 Anatomy & Physiology II
Microbiology | SUNY CCC BIOL 2010 Microbiology
Biochemistry | SUNY CCC BIOL 2050 Cell Biology
General Chemistry I with Laboratory | SUNY CCC CHEM 1510 General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II with Laboratory | SUNY CCC CHEM 1520 General Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry I with Laboratory | SUNY CCC CHEM 2010 Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II with Laboratory | SUNY CCC CHEM 2020 Organic Chemistry II
Statistics | SUNY CCC MATH 1310 Elementary Statistics
Calculus I | SUNY CCC MATH 1510 Fundamental Concepts Calculus I or MATH 1610 Calculus I
Calculus II | SUNY CCC MATH 1520 Fundamental Concepts Calculus II or MATH 1620 Calculus II

Click here to view SUNY Corning Community College PharmD Advising Guide (External link to UB site)

The PCAT Is required for all Pharmacy College Application Service PharmCAS applicants. University at Buffalo does not have a minimum score requirement. Scores at or above the national average are considered highly competitive for entry. The highest composite percentile score of all the exams is considered.