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SUNY Oswego and SUNY Corning Community College are dedicated to a strong, formal, coordinated transfer and articulation process which will be of great benefit to students transferring from SUNY Corning Community College to SUNY Oswego.

Transfer Paths Include:
  • BA - Music
  • General Bachelor degree programs


Bachelor of Arts: Music

With this 2+2 agreement, students who complete the required coursework at SUNY CCC and successfully audition in their primary performance area are guaranteed admission to SUNY Oswego as a member of the junior class and can choose to focus in one of these areas: generalist, jazz studies, audio recording and production, or performance studies.

Interested students should enroll in the Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences: Music program at SUNY CCC.

SUNY Oswego agrees to accept as juniors those students who have successfully complete the courses outlined in the degree program identified in the agreement (see below). The GPA required for acceptance into SUNY Oswego shall be a 2.3 or higher. Students must attain "C" grades or better in all core or required courses applied to SUNY Oswego for transfer credits. "D" grades in other courses will be applied as elective credit.  

Course Equivalencies

ENGL 1010 College Composition I  3 credits ENG 102 Composition II - (Gen Ed) 3 credits
ENGL 1020 College Composition II 3 credits ENG 204 Writing about Literature (Gen Ed) 3 credits
Foreign Language 6 credits Transfer Credits - Gen Ed 6 credits
Social Sciences 6 credits Transfer Credit - Gen Ed 6 credits
 Laboratory Science 6 credits Transfer Credit - Gen Ed 6 credits
Mathematics 3 credits Transfer Credit - Gen Ed 3 credits
Humanities Elective 3 credits Transfer Credit - Gen Ed 3 credits
Wellness 2 credits No Credit 0 credits
MUSC 1010 Fundamentals of Music 3 credits Transfer Elective 3 credits
MUSC 1110 Music Theory I 3 credits MUS 200 Intermediate Music Theory I 3 credits
MUSC 2120 Music Theory II 3 credits MUS 201 Intermediate Music Theory II 3 credits
MUSC 2130 Aural Skills I 1 credit MUS 104 Aural Skills I 1 credit
MUSC 2140 Aural Skills II 1 credit  MUS 204 Aural Skills II 1 credit
MUSC 1230 History & Appreciation of Music I 3 credits MUS 210 3 credits
MUSC 1240 History & Appreciation of Music II 3 credits MUS 113 Intro to Music Lit/History 3 credits
MUSC 1900 Series Applied Lessons: Individual Study 2 credits Transfer Elective 2 credits
MUSC 2900 Series Applied Lessons: Individual Study 2 credits Transfer Elective 2 credits
MUSC 1321 Class Piano I 1 credit MUS 230 1 credit
MUSC 2321 Class Piano II 1 credit MUS 231 1 credit
MUSC 1421 Class Voice I or MUSC 1325 Class Guitar II 1 credit MUS 240 or MUS 285 1 credit
MUSC 2421 Class Voice II or 2325 Class Guitar II 1 credit MUS XXX or MUS 286 1 credit
MUSC 1311 or MUSC 1411 or MUSC 1412 2 credits Transfer Elective 2 credits
Music Elective 2 credits Transfer Elective 2 credits


General Transfer Articulation Agreement for Bachelor Programs

This agreement states the conditions for under which SUNY Oswego will accept credits earned by students attending SUNY Corning Community College toward the attainment of a Bachelor's Degree from SUNY Oswego.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Students may transfer into any bachelor's degree programs given they meet the admission requirements for the particular programs of study.


SUNY CCC students planning on completing their bachelor's degree at SUNY Oswego should apply the semester prior to enrolling at Oswego. The priority admission deadline for fall semester is March 1st. The priority admission deadline for spring semester is November 1st.

GPA Requirements vary by major and number of credits completed at time of application. A cumulative GPA of a 2.3 or higher will be considered for transfer students applying to most majors with at least 24 credit hours completed. If less than 24 credit hours are complete at time of application, a minimum GPA of a 2.5 will be required. Biology and Zoology require a minimum GPA of 2.5. All majors leading to education certification required a 3.0 for consideration.

Transfer of Credits

Students who have completed a A.A., A.A.S., or A.S. degree will be accepted as juniors. A maximum of 60-67 credit hours will be applied towards the Oswego bachelor's degree. Although grades of "D" are transferable, they may not be used to satisfy major or cognate (major-imposed) requirements in some program. A maximum combined total of 54 credit hours in any one-discipline can be applied to the Bachelor of Arts degree requirement.

General Education Requirements

Students who transfer to SUNY Oswego after completing the 30-credit SUNY General Education Requirements (SUNY GER, July 2010) or equivalent of SUNY GER at a previous institution (or institutions) are exempt from all of Oswego's specific general education requirements. Upon acceptance at Oswego, these transfer students will have completed the General Education Requirement at Oswego.

Students who transfer to Oswego who have not completed 7 out of 10 categories and 30-credit hours of SUNY GER upon acceptance will be required to complete the remaining SUNY Oswego General Education Requirements.