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SUNY Empire State College (ESC) and SUNY Corning Community College (CCC) agree to enter into a Pathways Transfer Agreement in Addiction Studies and Nursing.

Transfer Paths Include:

  • BS - Addiction Studies
  • BS - Nursing 


Bachelor of Science - Addiction Studies

Empire State College will offer A.A.S. degree graduates in Chemical Dependency Counseling OR A.S. degree graduates in Human Services from CCC an opportunity to participate in the Pathways Transfer Program into a Bachelor of Science degree. Further, CCC graduates will be able to transfer all credits earned as part of their associate degree in Addiction Studies to ESC upon enrollment.

How the Pathways Transfer Program Works:

During their first year at Empire State College, students in the Pathways Transfer Program may, with advisement, elect to cross-register for additional credits at CCC beyond the associate degree (up to a total of 79 lower-division credits). These lower-division credits will be applicable to the baccalaureate degree program by satisfying SUNY General Education requirements or needed pre-requisite courses.

Empire State College requires 124 credits for a bachelor’s degree, of which CCC graduates must complete a minimum of 31 credits at Empire State College.  79 lower-division credits can be transferred in through transcripted credit or prior learning assessment.

Benefits for CCC Transfer Students:

Empire State College will provide the following benefits for participating CCC students:

  • Waiver of the $50 orientation fee
  • Provision of a $100 transfer scholarship in the first term of matriculated enrollment at Empire State College
  • Guaranteed admission to a bachelor’s degree program (does not include Nursing program)

To be eligible, CCC transfer students must have completed an associate degree within the last 3 years, or be in (or entering) their final semester of completing an associate degree.

A unique application code for interested students to use during the admissions application process will be created by Empire State College. Please contact

Chemical Dependency Counseling A.A.S. / Human Services A.S. to Addiction Studies B.S. students may enroll at Empire State College on a full or part-time basis.

Transfer Credit:

Students successfully completing degree requirements for an A.A., A.S., or A.A.S. and transferring in the entire associate degree will be able to transfer to Empire State College all credit earned for the associate degree, including “D” grades that are part of the completed degree. If the entire associate degree is not used toward the Empire State College degree program, “D” grades are not transferable.


Bachelor of Science - Nursing

ESC will offer Associate degree graduates in Nursing from CCC an opportunity to participate in the Pathways Transfer Program into the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing program. CCC graduates meeting ESC’s admissions requirements will become ESC students upon admission.

Admissions Requirements:

  • Completed AS degree in Nursing
  • Possession of an active, unencumbered nursing license (RN)
  • Completed ESC admissions application (including essay)


While enrolled at ESC, students in the Pathways Program may cross-register for up to 16 credits at CCC. These lower-division credits will be applicable to general education requirements in the baccalaureate degree program. The minimum number of credits to be taken at ESC would be at least 45 advanced-level credits, which would include 41 credits in nursing. Up to 79 total credits could be included from CCC.

Below is a list of courses that can be taken by CCC students via cross- registration while still enrolled at CCC. These four credit upper level offering will be accepted in transfer at the time CCC graduates enroll with ESC. Students receive the benefit of earning upper level credits that are directly applicable to their next degree.

List of upper level courses to be accepted in transfer at time of enrollment:
ART 223534 Images of Women in Western Civilization (meets Arts and Western Civilization)
CUL 223214 Advanced Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (meets Foreign Language)
SMT 272384 Statistics: An Activity Based Approach (meets Mathematics)
SMT 272904 History of Mathematics (meets Mathematics and Other World Civilization)

List of lower level course to be accepted in transfer to meet Foreign Language:
CUL 221194 Introductory Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (meets Foreign Language)