Binghamton University

SUNY Corning Community College and Binghamton University have created an affordable, direct path to a four-year, door-opening degree.

Binghamton Express guides students from course work at CCC to a guaranteed seat in the Harpur College of Arts and Sciences at Binghamton University. 

Students registered for Binghamton Express will enjoy:

  • Guaranteed admission to Binghamton University as long as requirements are met
  • Advising/counseling/career exploration assistance from Binghamton University while a student at CCC
  • Access to athletic and student life events at Binghamton University while a student at CCC
  • Access to Binghamton University's library system
  • Alignment of associate degree courses with the bachelor degree requirements at Binghamton University when first enrolled at CCC
  • Application and application fee waivers at Binghamton University

To be enrolled in this program, students must apply through the Educational Planning Center prior to February of their first year of study and prior to completing 30 credits of college coursework.

Students must complete at least 30 credits at CCC before seamlessly transferring to Binghamton. Educational planners at CCC and advisers at Binghamton University will ensure that coursework at CCC aligns with Binghamton University requirements. In addition, CCC students who are enrolled in the program will enjoy benefits typically reserved for Binghamton students, including personal invitations to athletics events, open houses, on-campus speakers, concerts, performances, and academic programs.

Note: Binghamton University will accept up to 75 students from CCC through Binghamton Express.

To be eligible for the program, CCC students must complete several steps:

1. Credit requirement:

  1. CCC students transferring after one year must earn 30 credits and have a 3.1 GPA or higher
  2. Students transferring after two years must have earned 60 credits and have at least a 3.0 GPA.

2. Intention of Enrollment Form: Students in the program should enroll at Binghamton University for the semester following fulfillment of the academic requirements. By Feb. 1 of each program year, students must fill out an “Intention of Enrollment” form. To get the form, contact the educational Planning Center (EAC) at 607-962-9875 or email

3. High School Diploma/GED: Before applying, a high school diploma or GED is required by Corning and Binghamton.

"Corning Community College is committed to student success and access," said Dr. Katherine P. Douglas. "For many of our students, this means furthering their academic career at a four-year institution. The partnership with Binghamton University finds two leading educational institutions collaborating to open academic, geographic and financial doors for students. This alliance will also reap benefits for the Southern Tier, as a region. Employers who seek a new generation of talented employees will soon have a more robust pool of candidates from which to choose.”

For more information, contact the Educational Planning Center at 607-962-9875 or email