Digital Dome Programs

Digital Dome Shows with Content Alignment

Atlas of a Changing Earth
This is the story of how a revolution in one of the most basic of all human enterprises – the making of maps – is shedding new light on our planet's evolution in the wake of rising global temperatures. 

Using stunning, latest-generation imagery from space, "Atlas of a Changing Earth" takes viewers into the dynamic processes causing coastal glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica to melt, and explores how rising seas could threaten coastlines the world over. These striking new images are produced by the confluence of satellites and supercomputers, revealing Earth in a degree of precise detail scarcely imagined a generation ago.

Tales of A Time Traveler
Time travel like never imagined! Explore ancient civilizations. Witness the birth of the universe. Journey to the edge of a black hole. In Tales of a Time Traveler, you will discover that time is not so easily defined. Time is illusive, impossible to hold. It can't be owned. It can't be stopped. Time travel surrounds you – from the biological clock in your brain and the changing shadows on a sundial, to the history of life on Earth. Then the story expands to the lives of stars, the time scale of the Big Bang, and the distortion of time by gravity.

Narrated by David Tennant

Stars of the Pharaohs
Travel to ancient Egypt to see how science was used to tell time, make a workable calendar, and align huge buildings. You'll learn about the connection the ancient Egyptians felt with the stars and various astronomical phenomena, and experience some of the most spectacular temples and tombs of the ancient world recreated in all of their original splendor. 

Telly Award winner. Narrated by John Rhys-Davies, of the Indiana Jones films and The Lord of the Rings films.

Earth, Moon, Sun
Coyote has a razor-sharp wit, but he's a little confused about what he sees in the sky. Join this amusing character (adapted from American Indian oral traditions) in a fast-paced and fun fulldome show that explores lunar phases, eclipses and other puzzles. Engaging and immersive, Earth, Moon & Sun™ also examines how humans learn through space exploration. A perfect show for school audiences! Audiences age 5-11.

Natural Selection
Natural Selection celebrates the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species and the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. In Natural Selection we will join Darwin on his voyage with the HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands where he was inspired to develop his later theory of transmutation by natural selection. From the comfort of Down House in Kent, Darwin himself will explain the mechanism of natural selection to the audience, and support it by showing many beautiful examples in nature. The thrill of a scientific discovery, the adventure of science and the beauty of nature are central in this show. 

Educators guide available. 

Edge of Darkness
Edge of Darkness is the latest fulldome movie produced by Evans & Sutherland. The film features amazing scenes of places never before seen gathered by key space missions that culminated with groundbreaking discoveries in 2015. It features a spectacular flight though the great cliffs on comet 67P, a close look at the fascinating bright "lights" on Ceres, and the first ever close ups of dwarf binary planet Pluto/Charon and its moons. 

Narrated by Hayley Atwell, Agent Carter, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the ABC television series.

Beyond the Sun: Search for a New Earth
Celeste is a little girl who wants to explore the Universe, find new Earths and learn how to find exoplanets.

While fighting off sleep in her room by reading a book on astronomy, she receives an unexpected visit from Moon. Together, they enjoy a journey through the Universe to discover what exoplanets are and how they can be detected.

They observe rogue planets, oceanic worlds and super-Earths. Moon tells her about exoplanet hunters, who observe the sky in search of planets like Earth. Many adventures are yet to come. But first, she needs some rest. Celeste drops off to sleep waiting for the next visit of Moon.

Zygote Body

Medically accurate 3D anatomy models. Special add-on formatted to display on the 360 degree surface of the dome. Models are dynamic and can be manipulated to serve the educational outcomes. 

STEAM Library within Digistar (select examples)

  • Biology
    • Blood type inheritance
    • Corrective lenses
    • Visual illusions
    • Phyllotaxis
  • Physics
    • Atwood’s machine
    • Elevator weight
    • Interactive pendulum
    • Lens and mirror simulations
    • Magnetic field simulator
    • Michelson-Morley experiment
    • Total internal reflection
    • Space-time grid
    • Prism refraction
  • Chemistry
    • Boyle’s Law
    • Dalton’s Law
    • Stoichiometry
    • A large collection of 3D molecules and an interactive periodic table are also included.
  • Engineering
    • Steam engines
    • Projectile motion
    • Balance beam
    • Tipping angles
    • Four-stroke engines
    • Robot movements
  • Art
    • Color angles
    • Basics of color theory
    • Rotation patterns
    • Spirographs
  • Mathematics
    • 2D vector addition
    • Audio frequency graphs
    • Connect four game
    • Cosine & sine theta unit circles
    • Function graphing
    • Fundamental law of fractions
    • Pie charts & fractions
    • Interactive unit circle
    • Basic multiplication
    • Sine-cosine wave