Social Media Recruiting

Are you in charge of recruitment? Want to learn how to leverage social media to attract top talent? Our Social Media Recruiting course will teach you the tools to achieve those goals! The new online format will allow you the convenience of practicing these techniques using your own technology at your own desk!

Attend one or both sessions designed to actively work through the different platforms, understand the importance of target marketing, review of industry best practices and much more! See the full descriptions below.

Part 1 will explore how Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are used to effectively source candidates and the importance of targeted social media advertising in finding, retaining, and recognizing great talent. The course will also talk about marketing our organizations online and how to build an online presence on these medias.

Part 2 will dive into LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube as organic and paid platforms. This section will go into paid LinkedIn Jobs, as well as organic tools on all the medias covered during part 2 that can be used for branding, content creation, and engagement. Also discussed will be the best industry practices for text messaging with candidates as a means of communication during the hiring and interview process.

Cost: $100

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About Your Instructor

megan cates coleMegan Cates is a Corporate and Community Education consultant, focusing in Digital Media, Marketing, Human Resources, and Personal and Professional Development.

Megan graduated from Elmira College in 2016 with her Masters in Corporate & Community Education, and has professional certifications in training and HR Development. She is a professional problem solver, and has been teaching through CCC’s Workforce Development program for 5 years.

In addition to her work with CCC, Megan works as a Talent Acquisition Manager in her day job, and is also the founder of Cates Consulting & Design. She is an active member of the Type 1 Diabetes community, working with, fundraising, and writing for others living with T1D. Her favorite quote to live by is “Be the person you needed when you were younger.”