Math Skills for Nursing

This 18-hour course is designed to assist Nursing students with Math calculations specific to the profession.

Topics include:

  • Arithmetic Review
  • Dimensional Analysis Process (and Proportional Reasoning)
  • Military Time
  • Understanding Dosage Orders
  • The Metric System
  • Household System and Other Units
  • Dosage Calculation from Body Weight
  • Reconstitution and Percent
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit Temperatures
  • Miscellaneous Dosage Calculations
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Converting Flow Rates
  • Calculation of IV Flow Rate given Volume and Time
  • Calculation of IV Flow Rate when Infusion Pump is Used
  • Calculation of Infusion Time
  • Miscellaneous Flow Rates
  • Adding Medication to IV
  • Titration
  • IV Flow Rate and Dosages based on Body Weight
  • Heparin

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