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SUNY Canton


SUNY Corning Community College and SUNY Canton offer a 1+3 program in Game Design. Students complete the first year of the program at SUNY CCC. Upon meeting the appropriate academic requirements during their one year at SUNY CCC, students will be accepted into the Game Design and Development bachelor’s degree program at SUNY Canton.

According to, recent career growth in game design is due to the influx of new technology, which creates opportunities for game designers to deliver new entertainment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes game design under multimedia artists, which has an estimated growth rate of 8 percent over the next few years.

SUNY Canton also has a thriving varsity esports program, which attracts numerous Game Design and Development students. Gamers can tryout to play for one of the college’s six teams, which includes competitive “Overwatch,” “League of Legends” and “Fortnite” among other popular titles.

Game Design at SUNY Canton

B.S. Program Details



This program is designed and offered to allow SUNY CCC students to complete the same coursework that is required of first year Game Design & Development students at SUNY Canton. While at SUNY CCC, students build a foundation for success at SUNY Canton while also having the opportunity to complete coursework very specific to SUNY Canton's Game Design & Development degree.  Below is the list of classes that students will complete at SUNY CCC prior to transfer to SUNY Canton for the final three years of academic study to complete the bachelor's degree.

Semester 1 at SUNY CCC  
SUNY CCC SUNY Canton equivalent
CSCS1240 Structure and Object Oriented Problem Solving CITA152 Computer Logic
ENGL1010 English  ENGL101 Composition and the Spoken Word
Lecture Capture via SUNY Canton GAME110 Fundamentals of Game Design
ARTS1030 Drawing I GMMD101 Intro to Media Studies
MATH1413 Pre-Calculus or Mathematics II MATH121 College Algebra
Waived for Transfer Students FYEP101 First-Year Experience
Semester II  
CSCS1320 C/C++ Programming CITA180 Intro to Programming
ENGL1020 College Composition I ENGL202 Creative Non-Fiction
Lecture Capture via SUNY Canto GAME130 Game Design and Prototyping
SOCI1010 Introduction to Sociology SOCI101 Intro to Sociology
MATH1510 Fundamental Concepts of Calculus I or MATH1610 Calculus I MATH Elective


Upon completing the coursework identified above at SUNY CCC, students will transfer to SUNY Canton.  While at SUNY Canton the remaining coursework for the Game Design and Development Degree.

Semester 3 at SUNY Canton
CITA214 Database Apps and Concepts
ENGL221 Creative Writing
GAME210 Object-Oriented Design for Game Development
Elective (SUNY General Education Electives 3,4, 5.6.8. or 9)
Elective (SUNY GEneral Education Electives or 9) 3

Semester 4 at SUNY Canton
GAME230 3D Modeling and Texturing
GAME240 3D Graphics for Game Development
GAME250 Game Mechanics and Dynamics
Elective (SUNY General Education Elective 3,4,5,6,8, or 9) 3
Elective (SUNY General Education Elective 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9) 3

Semester 5 at SUNY Canton
CITA342 Visual Programming
ENGL301 Professional Writing
GAME350 Aesthetics and Immersion
Liberal Arts Elective
U/L Liberal Arts Elective

Semester 6 at SUNY Canton
CITA204 System Analysis Design
ENGL315 Short Fiction: The Art of the Tale
GAME370 Digital Media and Interaction
GMMD432 Virtual Worlds
U/L Liberal Arts Elective

Semester 7
GAME390 GAME Capstone I
GAME450 Mobile Game Development
GMMD42O AnimationTechnigues
SOCI250 Sociology of Mass Media
U/L Liberal Arts Elective
U/L Liberal Arts Elective

Semester 8
GAME470 Emerging Gaming Applications
GAME490 GAME Capstone II
GMMD330 Web Design & Development
U/L Liberal Arts Elective
U/L Liberal Arts Elective

Accepted Transfer Credit Total from SUNY CCC: 31-33
SUNY Program Credit Total: 124