Student Yvonne Burton smiling in the CCC Library

Meet Yvonne Burton

As a 53-year old, first-year student at Corning Community College, Yvonne Burton is thrilled to finally pursue her dream to work in a laboratory. It took 36 years to get here and became a reality when she was accepted into Corning Incorporated’s Technician Pipeline Program, which provides her with a 2-year scholarship for CCC, a full-time salary, and hands-on experience.

“I’ve wanted to work in a laboratory even before I finished high school” Yvonne said, mentioning she instead joined the U.S. Army at 17 years old.

When Yvonne left the Army she remained on the west coast and sold real-estate, worked in the Superior Court, and established a career in the legal field.

In the last few years, Yvonne returned to her hometown of Addison, N.Y., was elected as the town justice of Addison, and continues her work in the legal field as a paralegal. Her life got a bit busier after she was accepted into the Technician Pipeline Program.  

“Corning Incorporated sent me back to school to earn a chemical technology degree through Corning Community College. Now I’m a full-time student, a town justice, and I work in chemical labs for Corning Incorporated. This is an awesome opportunity, and I’m loving CCC,” Yvonne said.

The first-year student is expected to receive a Chemical Technology degree from Corning Community College in May 2019, along with a full-time job working in Corning Incorporated’s laboratories.