Students Samantha Hauck and Genecis Rodriguez standing on the CCC softball turf

Meet Sam & Genecis

Softball teammates Genecis Rodriguez and Samantha Hauck are gearing up for the close of the Corning Community College spring 2018 semester. The two Red Barons are substituting their jerseys with caps and gowns as they graduate with the Class of 2018 this year.

“I’ve been surrounded with such a positive environment at CCC—this place is full of team players,” said Genecis, who studied Liberal Arts at CCC.

Genecis came to Corning Community College from Brooklyn, N.Y. She admired Spencer Hill campus and loved that she was able to build strong connections with the professors. 

“I’m going to miss all of my friends here,” she said, noting that she will transfer to Hunter College in New York City in the fall. 

Genecis’ goal is to continue her education in either nursing or physical therapy. She enjoys working with people and would like to help others in the future.

Samantha is also looking forward impacting the lives of others after CCC—but in a different way.

“I studied liberal arts, social science, and communications at Corning. One day I want to work with and engage deaf athletes,” Samantha said.

Samantha is transferring to Framingham State University in Massachusetts to study American Sign Language (ASL) after graduation. She’s interested in becoming fluent in ASL and learning more about deaf culture.

“My cousin has an interpreter, who I met one day when I was 11 years old. I really enjoyed the communication aspect of interpreting. I knew after that experience that I wanted to work in that field,” she shared.

The 19-year-old Red Baron is looking forward to becoming a CCC alum and playing softball at Framingham. 

Samantha said, “CCC has been wonderful because the softball team here is such a family environment. I’ve made so many friends here, and I’m excited to continue my love for playing college softball for the next two years.”