Michaela McLaughlin standing in a room next to an oil painting

Meet Michaela McLaughlin

Attending art classes at Corning-Painted Post Area School District (CPP) compelled Michaela McLaughlin to investigate her creative skills. The classes let her dive into a new realm of innovation—and she was hooked.

Michaela completed almost every art-centric course that CPP offered and decided to pursue an art degree at Corning Community College (CCC). Though nervous to enter a new realm in the art world, she felt confident in her decision.

When she stepped into the art room with her classmates in the fall 2016 semester, Michaela immediately realized that CCC’s professors would be a catalyst for her passions.

“When I arrived at CCC, the professors really swooped in and made me feel at-home on campus. I really am immersing myself in my art, and everyone is very supportive of it,” Michaela said.

The 19 year old recently hosted her own solo exhibit at Corning Community College in conjunction with the Student Art Show—something she had dreamt of doing for more than a year.

 “It’s really exciting to be able to display my artwork. Most of my exhibit is filled with oil paintings, and the title of my show is called, ‘I am a Tube of Paint,’” Michaela said. “I first came up with the title of my solo show, which inspired me to go through and create artwork for it.”

The second-year student is well on her way to receiving her Associate’s degree in fine arts. In fact, Michaela is graduating from Corning Community College in less than two weeks.

“It’s nerve-racking to have this phase in my life already over. At the same time, I’m happy to have had this experience and to be moving forward with my education by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in painting and drawing at Alfred University,” she said.

Michaela would like to share a bit of advice for someone who has a passion, but is uncertain whether or not to pursue it as a career:

“You might be nervous at first, but you should do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do. Chasing what you love is important.”