Student L. Trinh

Meet L. Trinh

Who chose to enroll in three different language courses in their last semester at CCC? L. Trinh did.

In fact, Trinh finished off their last semester at CCC by taking 21 credit hours. Not to mention the busy Red Baron was the public relations director for the Student Activities Board, the president of the International Foreign Language Club, a student member of the Diversity Council, a delegate on the Student Association Government Assembly, a participant in Photography Club, and, if that wasn’t enough, a representative for Phi Theta Kappa.

Trinh is admittedly busy, but did not let all of these extracurricular activities get in the way of reading about languages and cultures from all over the world.

“I love language. I took two Spanish courses at the same time, and was also enrolled in Arabic and American Sign Language courses too. I enjoy learning about cultures and the differences between each one,” Trinh said. “You can really learn a lot about people through their language. It’s very interesting to me.”

The future Rochester of Institute Technology student would like to earn a Bachelor’s degree in modern language, while staying true to creative hobbies, like digital and film photography.

“Right now I’m working on a project with digital portraiture, but I also enjoy using photography to capture architecture. One day I’d like to run my own online photography business,” Trinh said. “It’d be so cool.”

Trinh says that the professors and atmosphere of Corning will be missed. Trinh graduated as salutatorian from Thomas Edison High School in Elmira, N.Y., and attended CCC as a Presidential Scholar, which means Trinh will graduate tuition debt-free.

“I chose CCC as the starting place to my education,” said Trinh. “I had a great time here and will miss the professors and the small course sizes, for sure!”

Trinh has been busy prior to graduation. For example, she traveled to Albany, N.Y., to be awarded the USA Today Phi Theta Kappa– All-New York Academic Award and planned the International Foreign Language Club’s April 19 International Fashion Show.

The Fashion Show has special for Trinh, because its purpose is to spread and celebrate cultural awareness on campus.

“This fashion show gives hope to people. It expresses that there are more cultures out there in the world, and that there is a lot more culture on this campus than you might think. CCC is an inclusive place, and there’s a niche here for everybody,” Trinh said.