Student Jahlil Nougues throwing a basketball

Meet Jahlil Nougues

Jahlil Nougues slips on his black, white, and red men’s basketball jersey each time he performs on the Red Baron’s court. The first-year CCC student and basketball player is the point guard for the men’s team and proudly represents the number one that is printed on his jersey.

Basketball brought Jahlil to Corning from Brooklyn, N.Y., where he originally fell in love with the sport. Jahlil’s father and two brothers, Jalen and Malachy, helped inspire him to pursue basketball as a lifelong passion at just 10 years old.

“I’m just out on the court having fun,” he said. “I’m blessed to play.”

At CCC, Jahlil expands his interest in athletics by learning about careers in physical education. Although, despite his fondness of sports and constant use of CCC’s Fitness Center, he admits that he would like to pursue a career in counseling.

“I really want to be a high school guidance counselor. I want to help kids and give back to my community,” he said, mentioning that he hopes to return home to Brooklyn for work.

For now, Jahlil is focusing on his studies and personal growth. He enjoys that CCC offers tutors to assist as needed, appreciates the supportive professors, and is thankful for his coach, Isaac Bushey.

The transition from relocating from a city to a rural area has been a different experience for Jahlil, but he considers the peaceful campus an opportunity to focus on what’s important.

He said, “The Perry Hall dorms are suite-style living, and nice. I like my roommate—he’s cool. I’ve made a lot of friends on campus, and I’ve picked up a newfound hobby in creating musical beats via computer technology.”

The 2017 Bedford Academy High School graduate has a strong sense of self-awareness and drive, which should help springboard Jahlil toward success during and after CCC. Currently, this motto is already working:

“I try to have my hands at everything so that if one thing doesn’t work, I can quickly go to the next.