Student Dylan Baley sitting in the CCC art room

Meet Dylan Baley

Dylan Baley enjoyed his early teenage years as a natural artist attending a private high school, thinking he would utilize his drawing skills in college by pursuing a degree path that would lead him to a career in architecture.

After his first year at Corning Community College, Dylan soon learned that architecture didn’t allow him to create work that exhibited his creativity. Instead, he has redirected his interests toward a career in industrial design.

“I wanted to come to CCC to really figure out what I wanted to do. In studying in the fine arts program here, I changed degree paths. With a career in industrial design I should be able to subtly express myself through my work and have my own personal style,” he said.

Dylan is a 19-year-old, graduating student at CCC and says his transition from private school to a public school has been a positive experience. He was a Presidential Scholar and was involved in various extracurricular actives on campus, including the Corning Community College Christian Club and the tabletop gaming club, Gaming Guild.

Dylan hopes to transfer to the Pennsylvania College of Technology, but first would like to finish the slew of art projects he has underway.