Student Carolina Chapa sitting at a table in a large room

Meet Carolina Chapa

Texas may have significantly warmer weather than Corning, N.Y., but New York gained an asset over the Lone Star State when Carolina Chapa moved northeast from Laredo, Texas, in 2014, and enrolled at Corning Community College (CCC) 6 years later.

Carolina set foot on CCC’s Spencer Hill campus as a full-time student in January 2018. She already knew that she wanted to study business administration—and would zero-in on the math and business courses at Corning to one day work closely with local people and companies.

Her business-mindset transpired after years spent working in retail for Watkins Glen International raceway. Close mentors and positive experiences gave Carolina the confidence to apply and attend CCC for business.

The now first-semester student is loving her calculus and math courses, and already scored an internship at Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum to help the Center with its social media outreach, marketing, and office management.

“I’m so excited that I was able to take advantage of an internship opportunity so early in my college career here at CCC. This is a great chance to network, strengthen my interpersonal skills, and explore my budding passion for business,” Carolina said.

The 23-year-old student loads her plate with homework and her internship most days, but segments some time to attend diversity workshops sponsored by CCC’s Diversity Council.

“I’m interested in diversity not only because I’m Mexican-American, but also because I think it’s interesting to hear different perspectives on diversity. I’m fascinated to learn more about empowering others, and learning about women in the workforce,” she said.

Carolina would like to become more involved at CCC, but currently reserves her evenings to volunteer at the Watkins Glen Fire Department and participate in an Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) training course.

“These are ways I can give back,” she said. “It’s nice being a part of the community and helping others.”

Carolina’s common theme is that she wants to empower, encourage, and assist others, whether that be by attending a fire call, or responding to a medical emergency, or posting a picture on the Tanglewood Nature Center’s Facebook page.

She’d like to continue her passion for people at a 4-year school after CCC and in her future workplace in the world of business.