Student Brandon Adams standing on CCC's campus and smiling

Meet Brandon Adams

Brandon Adams jumpstarted his education at Corning Community College when he was in high school. He enrolled in CCC’s Accelerated College Education (ACE) program, taking a SolidWorks course at Spencer-Van Etten high school, and earning credits toward his Computer-Aided Design (CAD) certificate.

Through the ACE program, Brandon immersed himself in a space full of influential technology. The powerful feeling of being able to design and create products reassured Brandon that he should register in the Machine Tool Technology associate degree program at CCC.

With his degree and practice at Airport Corporate Park (ACP), the 20-year-old is preparing to receive his diploma and begin his new job at Service Machine and Tool located in Elmira Heights, N.Y.

“I had a positive experience at CCC, and I’m excited that I quickly received a job in a field I enjoy. The instructors at Corning helped me do this; They assigned technology-focused projects and allowed me to be creative in my design work,” Brandon said.

One of his favorite projects was creating a candy box on a machine similar to a 3D Printer, but much larger.

“The candy box project was definitely a favorite project of mine. From production to completion, I had the freedom  to create something of my own,” he said.

Until recently, Brandon never knew why he was so drawn to projects like these.

“I found out that my grandfather was actually a CAD Drafter. I had no idea! It’s ironic that I’ve followed in his footsteps all of this time without knowing it.”

Brandon considers himself family-oriented and prioritizes his time with his family and friends above most anything. However, enjoying his career at Service Machine and Tool is important to him. With help from CCC, Brandon will utilize his (and his grandfather’s) innovative skills in the career that lays ahead.