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Enrollment Advisement Center at CCC

Student success drives new model

The Spencer Hill campus has been re-imagined. The Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library is now home to a wide variety of resources, including all of the academic support centers; the Commons has been transformed to be the go-to place for everything, from required paperwork to camaraderie; and the Athletic complex make-over (which was up and running in August 2014) was a hit community-wide.

In addition to these facility changes, CCC has also re-energized the services available to students who need information to navigate the college experience. To provide this assistance, the College has centralized and integrated the expertise and talent that resides in all facets of CCC’s enrollment services, including student administrative services, advising and counseling, and recruitment. From enrollment and financial aid questions to graduation needs, the newly established Enrollment Advisors will be every student’s go-to team. Located in the newly created Enrollment Advisement Center (currently the Educational Planning Center), which can be found in the Commons, the Enrollment Advisors have been fully empowered to address all student questions.

This model will allow our team of Enrollment Advisors to increase student engagement, deploy resources wisely, and increase opportunities to leverage technology to streamline processes, all with the ultimate goal of efficiently and effectively supporting students through the enrollment process.
“Our go-to team of Enrollment Advisors will be the first to welcome students to campus and will assist them throughout their time at CCC,” said Joan Ballinger, Vice President and Dean of Student Development and Enrollment Management. “They will provide quality, convenient, and rewarding services that foster the creation of bonds between students, faculty, and staff. This new approach will increase student engagement and support student retention.”